Here in Amaranth, we encourage you to comment your thoughts and your say about a story. With that, we also encourage you to start a good conversation with the people who have the same agenda as you.

A comment section is provided for you to bring feedbacks and discuss about the matter. The guidelines below will make ideal conversations.

1. Be relevant. You are free to comment, but make sure that it is on the topic. Out of place comments will be removed even if it is well-written.

2. Obscenities are not allowed. We filter first before we publish your work. Foul words and obscene contents have no place here.

3. No room for haters. This site aims to be a good and a safe place for all when it comes to the freedom to express. You are not allowed to address hate-speech or comments that would provoke violence or speak ill of a person or a group.

4. No personal attacks. Respect like you want to be respected. Trying to harass and degrade a person’s dignity is a no-no here. If you like to stress out something heavy, make it to a point that it will not hurt anyone. Don’t drop names. Avoid committing libel. When making accusations, be sure to be reasonable.

5. SPAM, PORN, ILLEGAL Materials are not allowed. You are smart enough to sort these things out.

Again, we are here to create a safe avenue for one to express freely. It better be issue-based, respectful, engaging, intelligent and relevant conversations. Make it fun too! The Amaranth has all the rights to remove or disallow contents that can only jeopardize the site. If you have questions and inquiries, you may send it at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./. Check also the Site Policy Use.

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