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As much as we give you the freedom to express and share your thoughts, we would also like you to practice sound content and good judgment. We set certain rules as your guide before you start sharing your story.

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1. Whatever content you see or read here are either the property of the Amaranth or the property of those who submit and allowed us to publish their works.

If you wish to borrow a particular content for some purposes, ask permission first before you decide to take it. Remember you are borrowing not stealing.

2. If you want to have your works publish, it also means we have some rights. Particularly, the right to make sure if your work is worthy to be shared and be read. This means that your works will undergo some sort of screening. This will let us avoid some troubles in the future.

3. Because you are not stealer, you will not steal any content seen in this site. Copying anything from this site without giving account to the owner is a crime. Just in case you want something, refer to Rule No. 2.

4. What you want to submit here should be legal. You cannot copy others’ work and submit the same work here. Like Rule No. 3, you are not to copy anyone’s work anytime.

5. Aside from being content-wise of your works, the same goes with your comment. We want you to respect others online, like you want to be respected too. A comment section is provided for you to also share your thoughts and opinions about a story. Keep comments civil and respectful. Start a good conversation for good conversations are worth the time. We do not tolerate abusive comments against others. Posting illegal and unsafe contents are restricted and it is not good too.

6. Making use of services from this site means that you are accepting the rules we are implementing, and that you give us the right to change or add rules when necessary. Likewise, we are also entitled to act on any unpleasant behavior you do in this site. We might want to take some privileges from you if you don’t act accordingly.

Let this site be an avenue for you to express your thoughts and share your stories. While we have the freedom of expression, let us also not forget to respect others and act like a responsible grown-ups.

For campus press freedom!

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