“ViSCA to me is home”, that is how Dr. Sergio Abit, a #Proud Viscan, described Visayas State University (VSU), which has been his home from 1975 up until he left in 2010. Forged by the experiences and the lush surroundings of the university, VSU definitely played a significant part in his Viscan life.

Dr. Sergio Abit graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture majoring in Soil Science. He achieved his Master’s and doctorate degree at North Carolina State University in 2005 and 2009 respectively. Just like his other four siblings, Dr. Abit is proud to have been a product of the VSU system from kindergarten until college. His parents also worked in the university for 30 years which in no doubt explains his influence in life in the pursuit of quality education. He is currently working at the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences as an associate professor, and a state specialist for onsite wastewater treatment systems at Oklahoma State University (OSU). A rush of nostalgia flooded over him as he narrated his carefree days in the university, remembering his memories as a Viscan.

I love the school itself. I love the sense of belonging…”

Dr. Abit had a hard time deciding where to start as he recalled his early days in the university. For the past 21 years that he spent studying in VSU, what he missed the most are the moments where he would spend time relaxing at the beach with its spectacle from sunrise to sunset, and admiring the verdant forest. He also missed the people he knew at VSU, building relationships with his friends, as he grew up there. It was a herald of memories as he remembers being able to know the people from apartments 1 to 127, and from Duplex A to Cottage K. He also fondly recalls the moment he met his wife, Dr. Pamela Abit, who has been his high school sweetheart and college classmate. 

“I think those are the best parts; growing up with family and growing up with friends and meeting people that you spend your lifetime with,” Dr. Abit added.

There is no other place like ViSCA

VSU is not just a school, as described by Dr. Abit. It's a community of people that are united in one thing, and that is to seek excellence in everything they do related to agriculture and related sciences. Moreover, VSU developed his love for science and the environment. He added that VSU formed part of his outlook in life; providing him a platform to grow, with mentors who helped him frame his interests, and neighbors that shaped his personality.

Give back to the university that shaped us

My advice to VSU Alumni is to give back to  the University because all of us have been shaped in one form or another by Visca. All of us have been,” Dr. Abit briefly said, emphasizing the importance of giving back to the university that influenced his life, and the life of many others. 

He advised VSU Alumni to come home and provide encouragement to the administration and give back in the form of scholarships to the current students as a way to express their gratitude to VSU. 

The life-learned lessons that Dr. Abit earned in VSU is a testament to the unparalleled quality of education that the university continues to uphold from 99 years ago until now. VSU is more than just a place to earn a degree; for Dr. Abit, it's a space for self-growth, to find and build lifelong friendships and family bonds, a place to connect with nature, and most of all, a ground to discover passion and forge one’s dreams.

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