People are driven by democratic principles. As the University Supreme Student Council (USSC) Elections come near, students must know the importance of their participation in the development of our university’s governance process, as this would have a great impact on who would shape the policies, decisions, and overall direction and operation of VSU. The right to vote is the bedrock of democracy, and students must use their suffrage by wisely selecting their future leaders and thus should actively participate during the campaign period.

Students’ votes can shape the policies that can affect their university lives

Every student yearns for good and effective governance. The first step is choosing student leaders that help make their fellow students’ university life journey smooth sailing; the second is discerning whether or not the candidate is capable of addressing the students’ concerns and needs. Ergo, voting is not the only key role that directly affects the results of an election; scrutinizing and casting their vote for those candidates whose values align with civic virtues is a crucial factor that leads to effective reform and ensures that their needs and concerns will be addressed once the officers are elected.

After the release of the official list of candidates, various platforms and advocacies will be revealed from different parties. With these, the students can critically think about whose platforms and advocacies serve them best.

“Why should we vote for this candidate?” necessitating the need to analyze whether or not the candidate has the same principles as the current officers and if they [the students] would allow the same political system to continue or opt for a change.

The student leaders serve as the voice of the whole student body, taking necessary actions regarding the concerns raised by the students. They are expected to develop advocacies and solutions that honor diverse opinions and ensure that all students have equal opportunities in the progress of their public service. As of this writing, there are various issues to address, such as the lack of trash bins to cater to the campus's waste, unusable comfort rooms, and biosecurity in every college.

This can be attained if every student thoroughly participates in this year’s University Supreme Student Council (USSC) election to guarantee that the candidates will continue to expand and coordinate programs and student activities, as well as execute the necessary actions, in order to create a positive impact on the growth and development of every student in the campus.

The Impact of Students’ participation during student elections  

There is a transformative power of student participation during the election, as their roles play a big part in the change that is yet to come; their collective voices can make a significant difference in the university’s student governance.

By voting, the students can implement the change they want to see. Thus, they are highly encouraged to step up and make a stand; ask critical questions, and weigh the pros and cons of each candidate's platform. Actively engaging in student politics can help in igniting the spark of like-minded individuals; through collaboration, this act of making a stand can pave the way towards the future that they envision. Asking critical questions to the candidates can reveal their true intentions and can shed light to their abilities to address the different issues that matter most to the students.

Change is a process. It does not happen overnight, and transforming the system is a lot of work. When students embrace their roles in a democracy, they have the opportunity to amplify their voices in order to see long-term changes.

Student engagement will contribute to the candidate’s leadership role in the university; and as lunchbox days are over, there are a lot of things that students can speak of now, especially when the campaign period starts and all the candidates balance on a tightrope of critical questions to prove why they deserve to be in the position that they are running for.

The students deserve a leader who will work alongside them, leaders who have the capability to adhere to the need for improvement, armed with principles headed to a preferable governance and student body. The one with great visions and great committees in conveying the voices to the higher-ups. After all, the one the students vote for is the one who helps them shape the course of their lives while in the university.

The course of this academic year's election is headed towards progress and change, and the candidate who will win the hearts of the students will reflect how much is their desire to change — to empower and continuously amplify the voices of the students. That’s why students should participate in this election — to vote wisely and supplement the vote they will cast so that change will be achieved. Ultimately, it takes one to know one.

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