The Visayas State University College of Nursing (VSU-CoN) produced 50 new licensed registered nurses in the recently concluded November 2022 Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination (PNLE) after the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced the results of the board examination on November 30, 2022, 12 working days after the last examination date.

All 50 Viscan student nurses successfully passed this year's examination. Consequently, the VSU-CoN landed as the Top 1 performing school in the November 2022 licensure exam for professional nurses, retaining their 100% passing rate streak.

A proud Viscan, Ms. Althea Grace Mosende, ranked 8th among the 18, 529 successful passers with a rating of 88.60%, giving the VSU-CoN its first top-notcher since its establishment.

"Magpapaskong may lisensya jud mi tanan!" as said by Ms. Mosende when she knew that her batch – Jadeite – successfully passed the 2022 PNLE. She became emotional passing the said examination with flying colors as she bagged 8th place in the Top 10 examinees. Ms. Mosende did not expect to top the PNLE, stating "Honestly, all I wanted was to pass. However, like all other takers, deep inside I knew that making it to the top 10 was a feat I wanted to achieve as well."

When asked about her preparation for the licensure examination, she admitted that she started preparing sometime last July 2022. "I did my best to balance out my time for review and school [graduation requirements]. I planned out how I would manage my time and made a study schedule to abide by." Ms. Mosende spent most of her spare time reviewing lessons, reading books, watching educational YouTube videos, and answering practice examination questions. This style of studying has helped her pass and paved her way through to the Top 8.

Her personal advice to the next PNLE takers is "[to] believe in what you pray for" and to "make the necessary preparations by being aware of your weaknesses and focusing on improving them. Answering practice exam questions early will also give you an idea how the board questions go, and I highly recommend this,". She ended her response with "[know that] you are not alone [in taking the licensure examination] and [that] there are many more others who feel [the same way] as you do."

According to Dr. Joel Rey U. Acob, the former dean and a faculty member of the VSU-CoN, success is credited to many aspects. It has always been a principle of the college to be the leading college of nursing in a leading university. With this, the faculty has been implementing a specific instruction strategy that prepares the students for board examinations as early as possible.

“Our students are given situational exams which not only address analysis, more so enhance their ability to prioritize care interventions; a kind similar that of a licensure exam… The college also adheres [to] promotion and retention policies which is for me makes the CoN unique. Student’s perseverance, consistency, and a surviving spirit is the name of the game.”

The leadership and support from the faculty headed by the dean, Prof. Jesusa M. Magno, is also a contributing factor to the steady 100% passing rate.

The university is with the CoN in celebrating the success of all the takers. In his recent statement, the former dean of the VSU-CoN, and now president of the Visayas State University – Dr. Edgardo E. Tulin, extended his immense congratulations on the achievements of the program.

“Congratulations, VSU College of Nursing. I’m very humbled by your achievements being your former Dean and the one who masterminded the offering of this program in VSU. Mabuhay kayo mga #ProudViscans!”.

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