A group of 4th year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) students landed third place in the microbiology quiz contest during the recently concluded 19th National Congress of Veterinary Medicine Students (NCVMS) held at General Santos City, South Cotabato, February 9-11.

The group included Yeddah Jumawan, Kyle Ancog, Yumilka Dela Fuente, and Eloise Davantes who garnered an overall of 25 points during the easy and intermediate rounds and seven points during the difficult round, trumping four other vetschools from all over the country.

Furthermore, Ancog is set to be included in the next batch of National Executive Council (NEC) officers as he was elected Vice President of the Visayas for the 20th NCVMS to be held next year with Cebu Technological University as the new host.

"Being elected in this position, is indeed my great honor and privilege. I was blessed enough to experience the 19th NCVMS and seeing how things went and the effort every one of the council members did to accommodate and provide for the delegates coming from respective universities has sparked a passion in me to serve and be part of the council," Ancog said.

Aside from wits, a pair of Viscans also excelled in beauty as Strawberry Cuenca (DVM-2) and Sharine Garcia (DVM-2) were hailed the Bidavet winner and 2nd place Bidavet, respectively, during the event's Social's Night.

The college's entry for the vet parody also landed second place after amassing more than 900 likes and reactions on Facebook.

According to Dr. Shebelle Cueva, who accompanied the students during the event, the College of Veterinary Medicine's participation in the NCVMS allows students to showcase their talents and promote the university to other veterinary colleges in the Philippines.

"This also proves that students from the CVM do not only excel in the academe but also possess various talents to showcase to everyone as they have won awards in other categories," Dr. Cueva said.

CVM-VSU has been an active participant and have consistently garnered awards in the NCVMS who returned to their face-to-face conventions after two years of the pandemic.

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