In the comeback of the biggest PAES Quiz contest, Visayas State University (VSU) representatives from the Philippine Society of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineers- VSU Student Chapter (PSABE-VSUSC) dominated both minor and major events in the recently concluded PAEStigan X: The State Colleges and Universities National PAES Quiz Contest held at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), Laguna on February 23-24, 2024, clearing the highest award among all 40 teams from across the country.


Fritz Gerard Javier, fourth year BS in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (BSABE) student of VSU registered the "Pinaka-AEStig" trophy after almost perfecting the first round of the National PAES Quiz Show with a record of 44/50 points. Javier, together with his teammates Henry Gabriel Pradilla and Benagine Layola (VSU Team 2) punched a convincing route to the average round, topping the charts of the easy round of the event after accumulating 106 points, while VSU Team 1 composed of Nikki Torrejano, Joyce Saludaga, and John Mark Chua, flagged at 7th place with 92 team points.


VSU Teams rallied the average round in a dominating fashion, with Team 2 having only one mistake, clamping 87 points. VSU Team 2 maintained its composure up to the final round, tallying a staggering 227 points to secure the national championship, while VSU Team 1 landed a smooth 162 points for 9th place. VSU Team 2 wins the national PAES championship trophy, medal, and the 70,000 pesos cash prize.


VSU will now be part of the PAEStigan PAES QuizCon Hall of Champions, along with Nueva Vizcaya State University (PAEStigan I), Camarines Norte State College (PAEStigan II), Cagayan State University (PAEStigan III), Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (PAEStigan IV-V), Cavite State University (PAEStigan VI), Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (PAEStigan VII), Bicol University- Giunobatan (PAEStigan VIII), and Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (PAEStigan IX).


For the Minor events, Jeezciah Yrigan, director and writer of 'RAOS', the official VSU entry for the video-making contest together with Ian Macauba, who charged as both the drone operator and voice actor of the project, boarded a 93% overall rating, outlasting all other entries to clinch first place. Theresa Mae Catarig also mapped a convincing silver finish in the QGIS Challenge, and Carmeli Adele Cabia hailed Third Place in the Agricultural Machine Parts Identification.


Engr. Gerald D. Ompod, Top 3 of the 2019 ABE Licensure Examination and a faculty of the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (DABE) of VSU is the coach of all the participants in their respective categories. DABE, through the headship of Engr. Eldon P. De Padua, was in full support of the VSU delegates from the training and moral upbringing to ensure a fruitful attendance of the Viscan in UPLB.


The delegates are grateful to the VSU community's support and Dr. Aleli A. Vellocino, VP of Student Affairs and Services (VPSAS) for subsidizing the participants' trip and registration.

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