Benedict Cruto, a 1st-year BS-Computer Science student, representing team Heavy Metal Tacloban, clinches silver and bronze medals in 105 weight class; junior and novice category during the recently concluded Regionals Powerlifting Association of the Philippines (PAP) held at Robinsons North Tacloban, March 4-5, 2023.

“I train 3x a week, I have my squats on Mondays, bench on Tuesdays and deadlifts on Fridays. My coach set up a program for me so my lifts gradually become heavier.” Cruto said.

Cruto is qualified to represent Heavy Team Tacloban for the nationals competition this coming May in Manila.

“It’s honestly one of my biggest accomplishments. I wasn’t expecting I could place since I only view powerlifting as a hobby and I only signed up for this competition for the experience, but after I was able to place, I decided to continue the path I am on right now and keep on competing while trying to balance my studies.”

Cruto is exerting more strength and effort in training to dominate the nationals and in representing Visayas State University in the powerlifting arena.

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