VSU Turtles (Main Campus) hail as the overall winner against VSU Tolosa in the recently concluded Goodwill Swimming Competition securing 24 over 24 wins in men's and women's events at VSU Olympic Size Swimming Pool, Molave Hill, April 24.

The swim meet has a total of 24 events, divided into 12 categories for men and 12 categories for women. The competition is played in both individual and relay categories.

For the men's event, VSU Turtles Ocampo and Company captured 1st place in 4x100 -M Medley Relay followed by VSU Tolosa Ladrera and Company in 2nd place. In the 800 -M Medley Relay, Rojin Tabudlong, and Josh Roberto secured 1st and 2nd place, while Ivan Abinal from VSU Tolosa landed in 3rd place. In the same team, Adrales Arbie was early disqualified which threw him to third place and led the way for the opposing team, Turtles Robney Gatoc and Christopher Tuyugon snatching 1st place and 2nd place. Turtles continue to dominate as Arnold Pole and Chico Ocampo secured 1st place and 2nd place in 100 -M Backstroke. While the water became colder for VSU Tolosa because of a second disqualification call received by James Van Solamo in 100 -M Butterfly event, warm water engulfs Turtles Billy Pagulong and Robnet Gatoc as they ravish the 1st place and 2nd place.

It is never stopping for Turtles as Rojin Tabudlong once again secured 1st place both in 50 -M Breastroke and 200 -M Individual Medley, while Chico Ocampo grabbed 2nd place, in the latter event. Josh Robert also landed in 2nd place and Chimber De SanMiguel hanged in 3rd place in 50 -M Breastroke. Daryl Galenzoga and Christopher Tuyogon secured 1st place and 2nd place in the 100 -M Freestyle event. While in the 50 -M Backstroke, Chico Ocampo captured his first 1st placer award, followed by Arnold Pole in 2nd place, and Aldwin Vega from Tolosa falling in 3rd place due to the third disqualification call from Tolosa’s team. Turtles continue to fill the score sheet as Billy Pagulong and Daryl Galenzoga notched 1st place and 2nd place. Followed by another 1st place in the 4 x 50 -M Medley Relay sealed by Pole and company. The 24 events concluded with the 4 x 50 -M Freestyle Relay in favor of VSU Turtles, as Ocampo and Company snatched the 1st place and VSU Tolosa landed the 2nd place.

For women’s events, VSU Turtles maintain their triumph. In 4 x 100 -M Medley Relay, Piedraverde and Company right away secured 1st place. While in 800 -M Freestyle, Xander Canin topped the game followed by Allyson Piedraverde in 2nd place. In 100 -M Breaststroke, VSU Tolosa Jhustine Dagami, received its first disqualification securing 1st place and 2nd place to Turtles Urboda Marinilla and Tuyan Liezel. Allyson Piedraverde sealed its second 1st place award in 100 -M Backstroke, followed by Ciara Arebiana in 2nd place, and VSU Tolosa Josephine Indic in 3rd place. While Johanne Canin single-handedly placed first in both 100 -M Butterfly and 200 -M Individual Medley. The Second disqualification received by VSU Tolosa in 100 -M Freestyle landed Justine Dagami in the 3rd place and cleared the way for Ciara Arabiana to secure her first 1st place and followed by Marinilla Urboda in third place. Urboda also topped the 50 -M Breaststroke, followed by VSU Tolosa Elizabeth Garcia in 2nd place and Turtle Liezel Tuyan in third place. While in 50 -M Backstroke, Ciara Arabiana secured her third 1st place award and followed by Liezel Tuyan bounced up in 2nd place. Canix Xander topped again the meet in 50 -M Butterfly and together with her Company, they placed 1st in the 4 x 50 -M Freestyle Relay event, followed by Arebiana and Company in 2nd place.

VSU Turtles (Men) garnered an overall 198 points in all 24 events and Turtles (Women) gathered 183 points. While VSU Tolosa (Men) gathered 20 points and Tolosa (Women) gathered 13 points.

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