The vibrant spirit of competition is set to return to Visayas State University (VSU) as the Salingkusog 2023 Intramurals promises to become bigger than ever. This year, the organizers, the Institute of Human Kinetics (IHK), have embraced the return to normalcy by reintroducing all sporting events that were featured in the last 2019 University-Wide Intramurals, igniting enthusiasm from all the students and athletes in the university.

This year, we are set to witness the return of games which were previously not included in last year's roster of events such as Arnis, Athletics, Chess, Football, Futsal, Sepak Takraw, Swimming, Lawn Tennis, Taekwondo, and Ultimate Frisbee. L

In a recent interview with AMARANTH, the organizers of the Salingkusog Intramurals shared insights into the motivation behind this decision. Driven by the desire to provide a holistic university experience and recognizing the burgeoning student population, IHK decided to include all sporting events for this year's intramural games. 

Inclusive Opportunity and Selection Process

The re-inclusion of these sporting events carries significant importance as the university experiences a growing population, notably marked by an influx of first-year students. These events provide a valuable platform for identifying and nurturing emerging athletes who may go on to represent VSU at the regional level through the State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA) which is set to be held in our very own camous this coming October. 

"Intramurals act as a screening process for potential varsity athletes. Those who excel here have the opportunity to enjoy the incentives and recognition that come with being a varsity athlete. This enhances the overall quality of our varsity teams," explains Dr. Charis B. Limbo-Rivera, director of the Institute of Human Kinetics. 

Nurturing Values and Well-being

Viscan intramurals extend beyond athletic competition. They serve as a laboratory for physical education classes, providing students with valuable exposure to real sporting events. Moreover, participation in sports fosters values such as sportsmanship, camaraderie, and discipline—qualities that are deeply rooted in VSU's core values.

"Intramural games have a significant impact on the holistic development of our students. They promote total well-being and allow us to instill our core values within the university," adds Dr. Limbo-Rivera.

Behind the Scenes: Challenges and Commitment

Curating such an extensive sporting event is no small feat as it demands dedication, organization, and careful planning. This year, the dedicated faculty and staff members of VSU, particularly those associated with the IHK, diligently exerted their efforts to guarantee the success of the coming event. Given the involvement of diverse Component Colleges, the task of accommodating a larger number of athletes has posed a formidable logistical challenge.

"The accommodation of the campuses, especially the influx of athletes, has been quite challenging. Previously, there were limited players from the Component Colleges, but this year, each delegation is bringing around 400 athletes," notes Dr. Limbo-Rivera. 

Furthermore, the university's commitment to hosting multiple sporting events simultaneously has added complexity to the preparations. The overlap between their preparation of the Intramurals and other significant events, such as the Faculty Forum and the Regional SCUAA, presents additional work to focus on.

Future Outlook: Esports is on the Horizon

Looking ahead, there are plans to expand the Intramurals further. Dr. Limbo-Rivera revealed that they are actively exploring the inclusion of Esports, a rising phenomenon in the world of competitive gaming. While there are hurdles at play, such as budget constraints and manpower limitations, the university is determined to level up its sporting events to meet the standards set by other schools. In the near future, Esports may become a part of the Salingkusog, offering students even more opportunities to excel and compete.

As the VSU community eagerly awaits the upcoming Intramural games, it's clear that these events are not just about competition, but also about fostering a sense of community; promoting values, and embracing the ever-evolving landscape of sports.

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