The recent conclusion of the 1st Ormoc Invictus Cup saw the Pythons–despite inclement weather–proved their worth once again against the best teams in the region, bagging awards for both the men and women’s division of football as they proudly wore the banners of the Visayas State University at Ormoc Sports Complex last November 18, 2023.


The Jaguars FC who are composed of VSU Pythons team and VSU Alumni, managed to eke out a close third place finish in the cup, while the VSU Lady Pythons team wore the crown of champions as they became the first ever cup winner of the 1st Ormoc Invictus Cup. Despite the wet conditions and a muddy field, these barriers did not stop their burning passion and raging desire to dominate the entire event, showcasing the winners that they truly are.


After a disappointing stint during the 2023 Region 8 SCUAA Meet, the VSU Pythons playing under Jaguar FC, exhibited their full strength at peak physical conditions with proper training. Despite an injury incident on one of their key players, and fever that plagued them throughout their games, their dedication and determination to win remained firm. They went on to register 2 wins and 1 draw in their group stage matches to finish first in their group and punched their ticket in the round-of-16 where they would also win their game to boost themselves in the quarter-finals match. They cruised their way through the quarter-finals and saw themselves in the semi-finals where they would eventually conclude their Invictus Cup stint, settling in a commendable third place finish.


The VSU Lady Pythons on the other hand, continued their SCUAA golden domination as they carried their brilliance and surge of winning momentum in their triumphant Invictus Cup campaign. The team saw themselves sweeping the group stage with a 3-nil record to punch their ticket in the playoffs with a top record in their group. They cruised through the quarterfinals round, and convincingly dispatched their opponent in the semi-finals round to clinch a ticket in the championship round where they would become the eventual champions of the tournament.


These two teams – despite registration, transportation, and monetary issues – did not hunker down on these setbacks. Their desire to win is what kept them eager and hungry to overcome these odds. Their unwavering strength and chemistry allowed a seamless dynamic between the team, playing in unison with a common goal in mind and at heart.


With the same motivation, drive, and determination, these two teams are anticipating the next Regional SCUAA with a formidable force to be reckoned with.

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