Visayas State University’s College of Engineering and Technology (CET) celebrated its month-long culmination in a dazzling display of athleticism and camaraderie through a recently concluded Sportsfest. On its third day of festivities, held on February 21, 2024, the college merged athleticism with intellectual ingenuity in a captivating showcase. The event served as a unifying platform for students across the six departments, fostering a spirit of friendly competition that not only celebrated sportsmanship but also showcased the innovative essence that characterizes their academic journey. 


From thunderous spikes to the lightning-fast dribbles and graceful finesse with paddles and rackets, the CET Month’s Sportsfest presented thrilling athletic showdowns that captivated both athletes and spectators alike. 


Spikes and Sweats


VSU Lower Campus Grounds bustled with action as the volleyball tournament took center stage, the Volleyball Women's category unfolded with a clash between the Department of Civil Engineering (DCE) and the Department of Geodetic Engineering (DGE). Each set was a chapter in an intense narrative, and DCE emerged as the victor in a nail-biting showdown with set scores of 23-25, 25-21, and 21-25. DCE, the valiant champions, stood tall, leaving DGE with the 1st runner-up title and the Department of Mechanical Engineering (DME) claiming the 3rd spot.


On the men's side, the volleyball matches were an exhibition of raw power and skill. DCE continued its triumphant march, facing off against the formidable Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (DABE). The sets were a battlefield of spikes and blocks, and DCE emerged as the undisputed champion with scores of 26-24 and 25-17. ABE, displaying commendable skill, secured the 2nd position, while ME earned the 3rd spot.


Basket Brawl


The CET Sportsfest's highly anticipated basketball contest took place with astonishing intensity, capturing both players and spectators. Bodies collided, muscles strained, and sweat poured down on determined faces. The teams from DCE and DME were poised for a clash, however, DCE forfeited the championship match. The unexpected turn of events crowned DME as the champions, with DCE accepting the 2nd position and DGE claiming the 3rd spot.


Blazing Paddles


VSU Gymnasium became a heart-pounding arena of table tennis as competitors battled for supremacy.The matches unfolded like a symphony of swift strokes, and DCE emerged as the triumphant champions with scores of 11-9, 8-11, and 7-11. DGE, the worthy adversaries, secured the 2nd position, while DME took the 3rd place.


Smashing Success


Transforming the Badminton arena into a battleground of prowess and finesse, the clash between CE 1 and CE 2 at the VSU Lower Campus Grounds was nothing short of epic. With a modified game format befitting a spirited sportsfest, these two formidable teams from DCE engaged in a remarkable showcase of agility and precision, where DCE Team 2 emerged victorious in both singles and doubles with scores of 19-35 and 29-35. DCE Team 2 claimed the championship, leaving DCE Team 1 in 2nd and DME Team 2 earning the 3rd spot. 

CET Month’s sportsfest, themed "Embracing Innovation: A Festive Odyssey Through the World of Engineering and Technology," weaved together the threads of athletic prowess and the innovative spirit that defines the academic landscape of the College of Engineering and Technology. Beyond the scores and victories, students engaged in spirited competition, mirroring the same dedication and inventive thinking they bring to their classrooms and labs.

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