Firing up the upper and lower courts of the Visayas State University is this year’s anticipated Goodwill Games 2024. Flaunting their expertise and passion for sports are different athletes and sports enthusiasts across the region who participated in the two-day event as part of the university centennial anniversary celebration last April 3-4.

Vice President of Student Affairs and Services, Dr. Aleli Villociano officially opened the event together with the university president of VSU, Dr. Prose Ivy Yepes, the goodwill games coordinator, Dr. Juselle Cayetano who introduced the different participating teams, and the department head of the Institute of Human Kinetics, Dr. Charise Limbo-Rivera.

Looking back, here are the highlights of the thrilling matchups for each sport.


Proving themselves on the court under the scorching sun are twenty participating teams in the basketball men's and women's categories.

Team DNHS kicked off the intense hoop action in a win against Team BNHS in a thriller 45-43 escape in the women’s category. The temperature rose even higher with another gripping duel won by Team MABBAHIPSO against Team Alumni A, snatching the victory, 91-89. Team VSU Pythons (women’s team) emerged victorious in their clash Team VSU Alumni, commanding a 62-45 statement win.

In an exciting exhibition of college hoops, Team VSU Pythons’ strong defense and cutting offense paved their way to a close 97-91 victory against the visiting Team Burauen Community College. Capping off the first day of the basketball event is the battle between Team Lihok Baybay 40 Uppers and Team High School Alumni. Showing no signs of slowing down, Team Lihok Baybay 40 Uppers proved they still got what it takes in a close victory 96-91.

The thrilling matchups continued the second day as the women of EVSU sent Team Pythons back to the ground with a breakthrough win commanding a 53-point roast, 101-48, while Team Alumni obliterated Team VSU Faculty and Staff, 77-72, in the match number seven. 

Dominating on the other side of the court isthe women’s team of Team Hotel Rodolfo against the low-scoring VSU Tolosa, 69-25. On the latter, raising the intensity on the court, Team Priest-Diocese of Maasin Clergy went head-to-head against Team BERU who broke away and gave them the win, 91-80. Ousting Team Hotel Rodolfo is Team EVSU with a 32-point drubbing, 65-33.

Closing out the hoop action are Team VISCANS and PDEA/DPWH. The last matchup of the event certainly did not disappoint.Team VISCANS displayed their veteran abilities in a contest that concluded in their favor, 102-95.


Conquering the heat wave with intense disc battles are six competing frisbee teams with a total of nine games leading up to the bronze medal and championship match.

The game kicked off with the matchups of Team Original Gwapo (OG) defeating Team Urchins in a score of 9-6 for Pitch 1 while Team Green Leaf seized victory against Team Banacons in a 10-7 for Pitch 2. Team Green Leaf snatched their second win squeezing Team Vetches with a final score of 8-2 for Pitch 1. On the other hand, Team Urchins claimed their first win in the battle against Team Tonton & Friends, 11-0, for Pitch 2, all in during the second match. 

Doing whatever it took with their speedy throws and catches, Team Banacons seized victory (11-3) giving Team Tonton & Friends a disadvantage during the third match of Pitch 1, along with Team Original Gwapo (OG) for Pitch 2. 

Aiming high with exceptional teamwork and strategic play, Team OG of Pitch 1 and Team Urchins of Pitch 2 ruled the roost after leaving their opponents - Team Banacons and Team Green Leaf in a tight spot (7-4, 9-5) on the fourth match. The exhausting heat fueled the team as match 5 went on. Team Urchin says ‘no’ against Team Vetches in a commanding 11-0 win for Pitch 1 and an easy peasy win for Team Green Leaf (11-1) for Pitch 2. 

With their bullet pass and vigilant cutters, Team Urchins for Pitch 1 became unstoppable with Team Vetches, shutting down their opponents in an acceptable 11-13, and 6-4 final score for the sixth match. Standing strong in the remaining games were Team Banacons and Team Green Leaf battling for bronze, intensifying the field of flying discs. After the thrilling defense and offense of both teams, Team Green Leaf brings home the bronze medal.

Vying for the championship title fiercely were Team Original Gwapo (OG) and Team Urchins. Fueled with determination as the day came to an end, it was a battle of do-or-die for both teams. After the thrilling frisbee game, Team Original Gwapo was hailed as champions of the Ultimate Frisbee Game of the Goodwill Games 2024 with a final score of 7-5. 


Six dynamic duos showcased their expertise and sportsmanship in Lawn Tennis doubles on the opening day of the Goodwill games 2024, last April 3, at the VSU Lower Campus.

Team Jerry and Dodo of VSU demonstrated strong determination against Team Ann and Ramil of Baybay to take a thrilling victory for the kick-off match. 

Through dashing moves and strategy, Nene and George of Baybay secured their win in an enthralling 8-7 match during the second game against the duo of Tabudlong and Oclarit of Visca. While the duo of Bernie and Boggie (Baybay) thwarted Team Bebot and Juntor (Baybay), 8-7. 

The intense Tennis games continued during the 4th match as Mark and Nato from Albuera faced Ruben and Sandy of Viltec VSU–who took the advantage and outlasted their opponent. 

In the 5th match, the jaw dropping plays of Alfred and Peter (Baybay) proved to be enough for them to be hailed as the fifth winner (8-7) in the Tennis event. 

Wrapping up the last match of the day were the pairs of Maricar and Iris (Baybay) who outlasted the duo of Ethyl and Hazel (Baybay) in a rip-roaring 8-7 score. 

The incredible matches continued in the second day of the Goodwill games where it featured Joyce and Ann’s superiority in the court against Kim and Nem, which resulted in a 8-7 victory. Alfred and Peter followed suit by outsmashing GeGe and Phriam in a narrow 8-7 triumph.

The duo of Doc RG and Clyde also had an 8-7 victory against the duo of Mingoy and Mark after showcasing intense agility and power on the court, and on point strokes and smashes. Ethel and Udang also stood victorious against Vanessa and Pat, nipping an 8-7 score. 

Closing out the final day, the pair of Lyla and Irish eked out a close 8-7 victory over the pair of Pendat and Pat. 


Goodwill Games’ football event kicked off spectacularly as enthusiasts gathered to witness an exciting series of fixtures. Local football teams battled it out despite the friendly nature of the event, from commanding victories to nail-biting showdowns on the pitch of Visayas State University’s Lower Campus Oval. 

In the women's division, the VSU KIDAs exhibited dominance with a commanding 3-0 victory over Baybay Alumni in the opening game. Meanwhile, in the men's category, theBaybay Jaguars U19 demonstrated their prowess with an impressive 6-0 win against Real Amigos Ormoc. As the competition intensified, theBaybay Lady Jaguars faced off against Uno Baybay in a closely contested match, ultimately securing a narrow 2-1 victory. 

The excitement continued to escalate as Invictus United clashed with Baybay Jaguars Alumni in a thrilling encounter that culminated in a dramatic 3-2 victory for Invictus United via penalty shootout. In another gripping showdown, the men's team of VSU Pythons emerged triumphant with a hard-fought 1-0 win over Burauen Community College, showcasing their determination and skill on the field. The action-packed day concluded with Invictus United wrapping up the event by notching the victory over Real Amigos Ormoc.


The showdown of spikes and blockings filled the volleyball court as nineteen different teams from both Men’s and Women’s Categories vied for the championship title in this year’s Goodwill Games at the VSU Lower Campus Court. 

Heating the court for the first day in the men’s division is Team BCVC Barbies and BCSHS with their relentless plays paved the way to remain undefeated (2-0) during the first day of the game. On the other hand, VSU Alumni Stallion holds 2 wins and a loss; VSU Varsity A and B, guest team- BJMP, and ULC hold a win-loss record respectively. Meanwhile, courageous plays were seen from VSU-IHS Bisons, BCNHS, and VSU Upper Team, who remain winless. 

Taking the first day as a chance for redemption, Team Varsity A and B proved their identities as varsities, securing 2-1 standing on the second day, and out of luck, other teams were eliminated. In a match of pancake saves and towering blocks, The VSU Varsity B secured their ticket to the finals round shutting down BCVC Barbies’ victory plan and landing on the third spot. 

Team BCSHS and Team VSU Varsity B unleashed the beasts inside them giving the audiences a nail-biting match as they battled for gold with their hearts and souls on the line. Proving themselves capable and best of the best, Team BCSHS grabbed the championship title for the men’s division with Team VSU Varsity B landing in second place. 

In the women’s division, giving chills inside the court were the tower players of Team Linao EVRAA who came prepared during day one and remained undefeated along with VSU Alumni. Team BNHS EVRAA, VSU Main, and Burauen Community College hold 1 win and 1 loss record while VSU Tolosa, VSU Villaba, VSU-IHS, and VSU Staff remained winless. 

The Team VSU Main regained their errors in their previous matchups overpowering VSU Tolosa and the BNHS EVRAA team. 

Both teams unbuckled their baggage with an exchange of powerful spikes and life-saving dives. However, Team Linao EVRAA's specialties and well-organized plays exhausted Team VSU Main and were hailed as champions in the women’s division.  

This year’s Goodwill Games is among the highly sought activities as VSU nears its centennial celebration. 

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