The year 2020 was an absolute horror film in a nutshell. Following the sequence of accidents, deaths of prominent people, disasters, and above all, the pandemic. The COVID-19 had stolen the entire year of our lives with quarantine and physical distancing.

But now, it finally looks like we are walking towards the end of the tunnel. And be able to move on with 2021 with the power to fight back. After a year of research, scientists and companies from several countries have administered vaccines to fight against the coronavirus that has killed more than 1.6 million people.

While countries across the world launched their vaccination programs, the Philippines still awaits the arrival of different COVID-19 vaccines to its shores. As expected, there would be some who will doubt the safety and efficacy of these vaccines.

Sophomore BS Marine Biology student Marian Key Bargayo expresses her concern on the complications that the new vaccines may bring but is optimistic that they will be safe and ready for use.

“I’m a little nervous because the vaccine is still relatively new and there might be complications along with it. But I believe that the vaccine is safe and effective because as a student of science, you would know that the vaccine was made carefully with proper testing.”

Julius Macale, a second-year BS Environmental Science student, felt the need for a proper information drive regarding COVID-19 vaccination as a means to reciprocate the public’s trust for vaccination.

“I am still undecided whether to get vaccinated or not. These vaccines should be proven and tested because every injection is crucial. There should be proper information dissemination about the specific vaccine and how important to be vaccinated. These should be considered because not all of us have an idea about the vaccine’s components. We need general information so that we will know if it is applicable to use even for people who are terminal. Being vaccinated is a safer way to help build protection not only for yourself but also to your loved ones.”

Third-year Vet Med student Carlo Erbert Marañon, shares the vaccine brand that he would choose based on its efficacy and safety to fight the virus.

“Among all the brands of the COVID-19 vaccine, I would prefer Pfizer. Because it has a high efficacy rate. I feel pretty safe that the vaccine will surely be effective against the coronavirus.”

Jesriel C. Casinillo, a junior BS ABE student believed that scientific statistical results for vaccination are important to consider when getting vaccinated.

“My answer varies with the statistical results of the population under treatment (vaccinated individual). If the vaccine is effective and does not cause any adverse effects on individuals who already took the vaccine, then there is no reason for me to refuse vaccination. If ever most of the number of the samples under treatment in a population is ineffective and are experiencing health complications [after vaccination], then I would refuse to take the vaccine. Life is at stake here, the answer should be based on scientific statistical reports and results.”

Sophomore BS Agriculture student Jemuel Ezra admitted that he recalls the issue on the Dengvaxia on the new COVID-19 vaccination program.

"I have mixed feelings for the vaccine because of what happened to dengvaxia. But from what I have heard, I think it is safe and I feel a lot more comfortable with it."

Joshua Obtiar, a second- year BS Tourism Management considers getting the vaccine only with legitimate and transparent results from trials and the effectivity rate from the countries who already administered the vaccines.

“Getting vaccinated is the only key so far to get back our normal ways of living. I would prefer the most effective vaccine based on the legitimate and transparent trial results. I believe that we should know all these things.”

Doubts and skepticism is natural when there is something new, especially when it involves our health. The new COVID-19 vaccine was developed to counter the deadly virus that has pinned us down for a year now. What we need is an effective information campaign that would educate people on how these vaccines work and that they should not fear them.

It only takes a good education to enlighten the scared minds of the people. Ignorance will not save us from this pandemic, awareness will.

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