School events like the Intramural Games proves imperative to the student experience: cheering for your faction’s representing athletes, slyly but not-so-subtly stealing glances at your campus crush, or simply hanging out with your friends— these are merely a few things you could do to enjoy Visayas State University’s (VSU) Sálingkusóg2023. However, not everyone enjoyed the leisure that the grand event provided; some went through hurdles that not even the greatest runner could easily jump through. As VSU lives through the “transfer of strength”, what do Viscans think of this year's intramurals?


Fellow freshmen of the BSEd-English and AB Philosophy programs Benjie Concillo and Syn Cherry Jean Obsioma respectively, share the same joyful sentiments for their participation in the ground demonstration held yesterday, September 19, at the Upper Oval.


“Pinakanaenjoy jud nako is kadtong pagperform namo sa field demo. Nindot siya kaayo kay, maybe it's because sa pagtudlo sa mga choreographers sa IHK. Nagkahiusa jud mi tanan didto sa field demo.” 


(I enjoyed it the most when we performed the field demo. It was truly wonderful, maybe because of the choreographers of IHK. We were all united during the field demo.)


“Fun! Murag napaid off among pagpractice gani ug ang kakapoy. Maka-overwhelm ang pagkahuman namo sa sayaw niya enjoy pud. Narealize jud nako ang importance sa teamwork ug support. Sauna kay di jud ko mo attend kaayo ug mga school events/activities nga parehas sa intrams. Karon mas mosupport najud ko. More involved na.” 


([It was] fun. I think our hard work during practice paid off. It was overwhelming after we performed, but it was enjoyable. I realized the importance of teamwork and support. Before, I used to not attend school events or activities like the intramurals,  but now, I will be more supportive, and get more involved.)


However, not all students are satisfied with this year’s event. Rowella May Ocat, a fourth-year BSGE student, expressed, “Naglibog pa gyud kay ang schedule is walay tarong, ang mga games kay wala na arrange, naglibog asa mo kita, and daghan pud mga na disqualified players. Murag nawad-an pud mig gana mo tan aw kay wala na amo mga players uban.” 


(I got confused with the schedule, the conflicting game schedule, the  unclear venue to meet up, and there were also a lot of disqualified players. I also kind of lost interest in watching because some of our players weren’t able to play anymore.)


BSA sophomore Khia Mae Vergara excitedly recounts her newfound love for her sport as she entered the games. However, the problem plaguing the rest of the teams - disqualification - furthered its onslaught.


“Nice ang experience so far. First time naho mo-join ug sports. Okay ra pud ahong mga nakaila karon kay naka-jam naho sila. At the same time, disappointed ko sa intrams karon. Daghan man gud na DQ sa among team. Lain kaayo sa feeling nga [university] wide intrams pero ing ana nahitabo.”


(The experience has been nice so far. It’s my first time to join sports. I also get along well with the people I meet. At the same time, I am a bit disappointed with the intramurals this year as a lot of players from our team got disqualified. It feels unpleasant being that it is a [university] wide intramurals but this is what’s happening.)


The same feeling is reflected by a senior Agriculture student, Mary Rose Aparicio, despite her long experience of intramurals.


“Same gihapon, lingaw, pero kulang sa preparasyon. Makadisappoint sa fellow players na wala kaduwa.”


(As always, it’s fun, but the preparation is a bit lacking. It’s disappointing for my fellow players who weren’t able to play.)


Nikol Shan Loreen Viscara, a first-year Nursing student, stated that although she enjoyed the show, she couldn’t help but be discontented with the attendance system. 


“Worth it ang ako paghuwat, worth it pud ang ila pag-practice, kay nindot. Ang pwede nalang ipa-improve kay sa attendance. Naa toy kausa nga nag crash amo site, mao to nagka-probelma. Pero na-okay raman pud.”


(The waiting was worth it, and the time they dedicated for practice was also worth it, because it was wonderful. The thing that they should improve on is the attendance [system]. One time, our site crashed so it became a problem, though it got fixed eventually.)


Fourth-year BS Geodetic Engineering student, Darlen Vicente cannot hide her excitement as she upholds the competitive spirit of VSU for the upcoming SCUAA, reflected by the players of the intramurals.


“Competitive ang mga teams, and especially nga ngari i-hold ang SCUAA. Dapat mag-champion nata sa SCUAA this year.”


(The teams are competitive, especially now that the SCUAA will be held here. We should be the champion for the SCUAA this year.)


Bright lights, enchanting sights, and a whirlwind of people—these are what represent Salingkusog 2023, as students all over VSU fill the university grounds fueled with the spirit of sportsmanship. However, some concerns arose which our fellow Viscans can’t help but raise the hopes of it getting better in the rest of the intramural’s week. Yet, the spirit does not dampen easily. May the fire of sportsmanship in VSU ignite and burn through all these hurdles and remain ignited.

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