For many individuals, the university they attend and the experiences they have during their journey holds immense significance in shaping whom they are destined to become. It is a period of growth and improvement, of accomplishing great things that will leave a mark as they embark on their future endeavors. Among the many examples of individuals who have demonstrated these qualities is a #ProudViscan, Dr. Jose L. Bacusmo, popularly known as ‘Sir Joe.'

Dr. Bacusmo is an accomplished agricultural scientist and is the 5th President of Visayas State University (VSU), who served for two consecutive terms from 2007 to 2015. He is currently working as a city counselor in Baybay City. Dr. Bacusmo made a quick stroll down memory lane as he narrated some of his fond memories and experiences with VSU. 

Reminiscing about heartwarming memories from the ‘Very Scenic University’

Dr. Bacusmo fondly recalls how he missed the beautiful beach and mountains, and the wonderful environment of VSU — or ‘very scenic university’ as he affectionately remembers how he coined the phrase. He led the beautification of the new VSU Library, the gazebo at Ecopark, and the Japanese-inspired garden in the College of Engineering and Technology (CET), solidifying the concept of VSU as a truly picturesque university. 

One of his most meaningful memories during his stay at the university is building a family, stating that family is what makes our existence meaningful; it is what makes our life full of hope and purpose, as well as the inspiration to continuously improve. Our families are at the very heart of our existence – they are what shape our lives into something as heartwarming as the sight of our very own scenic university. 

He also misses the fun activities and camaraderie with the faculty and staff.

The lesson of continuous improvement from Dr. Bacusmo

When asked about the valuable lesson that he learned during his time at VSU that he still applies in his life today, Dr. Bacusmo said, “There’s nothing in this world that cannot be done better..” He believes that there is always room for improvement; there are no limits to what you can still possibly do to the circumstance given to you – to not give up on something when you know that you can still improve is what makes life better. 

Actively seeking opportunities for improvement and consistently pushing our boundaries in the academe to strive for better outcomes are some of the major factors that can help us succeed in our future endeavors. 

Excellence and relevance, along with truth and integrity, are two of the most important core values Dr. Bacusmo believes we must uphold. These core values are the key elements that have contributed to VSU’s continuous success as a globally competitive university, and he hopes that it will continue to succeed for Baybay and the country.

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