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Labor groups and unions represent our workers. Establishing such kinds of groups helps not only themselves but also the communities, for economic equality, and protecting our sense of democracy. Protesting without purpose is like sailing without a destination, which is why it is important that we understand the driving force behind every labor strike.

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In honor of another passing year after the Philippines’ emancipation from totalitarian rule, this timeline of events revisits the country’s struggle in pursuit to topple a dictator and restore its forfeited democracy.

Picture this: the wind swept in with an angry surge that shattered everything in its path, images of wreckage strewn around like in a post-apocalyptic movie, vulnerable people jammed into shelters in dreadful situations, and the seeming hopelessness and desperation that were becoming more and more apparent each waking moment.

CERTIFIED LEADERS. Participants of the 2017 Student Leadership Congress pose with their certificates at the end of the event. Photo by Tristan Miasco/VSU Web Team intern.

“Last time, it was more on lectures. It was actually useful but what we’re trying to achieve is learning while having fun. They are doing activities that are new to them because they have national speakers. They assess themselves and the things they learned after each activity.”

Christmas celebrations do not end with childhood. Every person has a Christmas memory engraved in their heart that they will never forget. It's not about having the most lavish Noche Buena, the most extravagant Christmas decor, or the tallest Christmas tree; the genuine spirit of Christmas is found in the love we have for one another, something that time cannot take away.

“Ma! Kinahanglang na ko magpamedical as part sa enrollment this Academic Year,”

Ate Cherrie is now making a name for herself globally. Recently, she had been awarded as one of the 2016 Ten Outstanding Women in the Nation's Service, and the 'Earth Mover' award through Rappler on Move.Ph.

November 8, 2013, exactly 9 years ago when ranging winds and the wrath of a storm wreaked havoc on the country particularly in the Visayas region. Trees that stood tall and sturdy for years were uprooted in a blink of an eye. Houses and establishments swayed to the gust of strong winds with its tops being blown over by the storm. Life took a sharp turn, with about 10,000 lives taken with a lot more still not found.

Be inspired by this story of a little guy with big dreams.