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For our last  #TatakViscan story, we feature the life of Daryl Lee Pepito, an environmental science student, and Kit Felian Tenio, an environmental scientist, two proud products of the university that champions excellence in the realm of environmental conservation.

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The yoke rests heavily behind the carabao's horns, the orange sun glaring between the gaps. Pandaguan lies motionless as Captan and Maguayen punish him with lightning bolts. A single eye, filled with fear, witnesses the unknown as it is slowly revealed from a torn painting. In contrast, a young girl plays on the beach, building the future with her hands, one sandcastle at a time.

Visayas State University is the proud home of champions, representing the University in tournaments both at regional and national levels. Not only do they bring glory, they also bring excellence to the academic field. This #TatakViscan article will glimpse into the life of Viscan varsity players through the lenses of Lara Jetcah Tulin, a 3rd year BS in Chemistry student and table tennis player; and Ms. Hilda Pedrera, VSUIHS instructor and coach of the VSU Chess Varsity team.

Scientists—a highly acclaimed title reserved for those who dedicate their lives to their respective disciplines. However, not well known, the honorable notion itself was first dedicated to a woman, Mary Somerville: a mathematician, a physicist, and an astrologer. No word at that time could define her brilliance other than the word ‘scientist’.

Money makes the world go round—such is the saying that people nowadays live up to. After all, money does play a role in our everyday lives – from supplying our daily needs, to buying food for yourself or your friends, the list goes on. However, receiving money may be easy, but the work you must do to earn it is not.

The College of Veterinary Medicine aims to deliver the “best education possible to its graduates, equipping them with 21st century and Industry 4.0 knowledge and skills to be able to carry out the duties of safeguarding animal health, public health, and the environment in both local and international settings.” This vision was met with exemplary execution throughout the years, constantly producing brilliant graduates who top the Veterinary Medicine Licensure Examination (VMLE) and outstanding veterinarians who shine in their respective fields, both locally and abroad.

Among the many students who ventured into agriculture was Dr. Rex Bernardo and Sam Josephus Biliran. One is a dreamer, and the other one is now living the dream. Their lives, though separated by years and experiences, are intricately connected by the threads of learning, growth, a love for agriculture, and a shared dream for VSU. 


With this, Amaranth presents its first #TatakViscan story, featuring the lives of two agriculture enthusiasts who despite the challenges they’ve faced in their separate timelines, have shown dedication, intelligence, and adaptability– a set of characteristics that forms the Viscan brand.

The Solidarity Night was the culmination of the VSU-CoN’s three-day Nursing Solidarity Days, themed "Celebrating Our Calling: Healing Hands and United Hearts!" held from March 20 to 22, which was aimed to foster unity and camaraderie among nursing students amidst their busy schedules.


Visayas State University (VSU) started as a small agricultural school and then gradually developed as time went by. In its 100 years of service, it has produced notable individuals in the field of agriculture, just like these two #TatakViscan who were shaped to be a sower of change – an agriculturist who cultivates success.

A group of representatives from Viscan Eruditos set out on a mission to engage in the National Patriot Scholar Congress (NPSC) 2023, a gathering of scientists, resource speakers from diverse fields, and scholars from the Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) nationwide, at The Heritage Hotel Manila in Pasay City, last December 11 and 12.