Empowering the mandate of truth-telling in community journalism, a pair of student journalists from AMARANTH, the official media organization of the Visayas State University (VSU), joined a three-day training workshop hosted by Altermidya network (Alternative media) at Tacloban City, from November 12-14. 




AMARANTH’s Managing Editor Efren Cyril Bocar and Opinion Editor Khietanya Ruth De La Corta joined other publication representatives from An Lantawan of Leyte Normal University (LNU), The Pillar from the University of Eastern Philippines (UEP), The Pillar from Biliran Province State University (BiPSU), UP Vista from the University of the Philippines -Tacloban (UPTC), and College Editors Guild of the Philippines -Eastern Visayas (CEGP-EV) to discuss important concepts and discourse on curating effective community journalism. 



Bocar and De La Corta engaged with the other journalists to produce short-form videos covering the Yolanda commemoration exhibits in UPTC; Lasurbo nganu Panginyupo: A 10th Year Yolanda Commemoration Audio Exhibit and Waray Pag-ultan han Pinulongan: Mulay - Mulay ha Binisaya (Waray without Borders: Playing with Words) Gallery Exhibit, and presented concepts for community journalism on Environment Reporting with other local journalists. 


altermidya 2

Further, Altermidya network representatives led by Niel Eco discussed the topics of community journalism, ethics of journalism, news value, digital security, media safety and security, and producing short-form videos during the first two days of the event.




On day three, Inday Espina-Varona, Board member of Altermidya and  Board Head of Regions at Rappler, hosted a forum about “Environmental reporting amid the worsening climate”, hosting talks about how environmental issues can bridge the attention of the commoners in making small yet significant steps to solve such problems.  

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