A group of representatives from Viscan Eruditos set out on a mission to engage in the National Patriot Scholar Congress (NPSC) 2023, a gathering of scientists, resource speakers from diverse fields, and scholars from the Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) nationwide, at The Heritage Hotel Manila in Pasay City, last December 11 and 12.


Within the assembly of 360 scholar delegates at NPSC 2023, 20 students hail from Eastern Visayas, and notably, 12 of them are affiliated with Viscan Eruditos. Focusing on the theme "Moving the Nation Through Engaged Citizenry," the members of Viscan Eruditos participated in a meaningful exploration and enhancement of their knowledge in various scientific domains. 


Under the advisories of Ramil T. Uy, DMT (Supervising Science Research Specialist, DOST8), Ma. Divina Gracia L. Advincula (Project Technical Specialist, DOST8) and Sharmaine G. Quintana (Project Technical Assistant IV, DOST8), a twelve-member delegation from Viscan Eruditos led by the following:

  • Joemar B. Yap (President, BS in Civil Engineering), 

  • Janine Kaye S. Tabudlong (Vice President for External Affairs, BS in Biotechnology),

  • Heart B. Yokingco (Secretary, BS in Biotechnology), 

  • Nicolle Agravante (Assistant Secretary, BS in Statistics), 

  • Khyla Gabrielle B. Amador (Auditor, BS in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering), 

  • John Paul A. Lloren (Events and Organizing Committee Head, BS in Biology), 

  • Marvince G. Lao (External Affairs Committee Head, BS in Biotechnology), 

  • Jeyl Myneth B. Jusain (College of Engineering and Technology Representative, BS in Civil Engineering), 

  • Ad Aubrey Aveshy O. Amat (Member, BS in Chemistry), 

  • Silverly A. Asas (Alternative Education Committee Head, BS in Geodetic Engineering), 

  • Welfred A. Pacabes (Member, BS in Meteorology), 

  • Fatima Rose P. Polinar (Member, BS in Biology) quickly built connections with fellow participants from Region 8 and with other delegates during their two-day visit to the prominent Green City, Pasig.


In an interview with AMARANTH, the President of Viscan Eruditos, Joemar B. Yap, exclaimed how the event determined him more than ever to dedicate his life for the sake of his fellow Filipinos through the use of science. 


"Got me asking myself, 'If they were able to do these, why can't I?' This gave me more drive to better use my sincerity and capability for the success of my fellow students. Little by little, I will use my affiliations with these organizations, alongside the insights I gained from the NPSC 2023, to have a vehicle in laying the foundations of the projects I ceaselessly envision," he added.


Yap emphasized that the NPSC 2023 was a great avenue for scholars to meet across the country who share the same vision. Hearing perspectives from different people, being moved by their stories, and coming to have inspiration from the initiatives they started as young leaders—these are just a few of the highlights of his engagement in the said event.


Another delegate's perspective, the Secretary of Viscan Eruditos, Heart B. Yokingco, expressed her chance in presenting one of the projects from Region 8, "PDYN: Padayun Isko!", when one of the scientists asked her to explain the meaning of their project title, only to find out later that she was also Bisaya. She was encouraged with a simple "Padayun," making it a meaningful interaction.


"I'll share some notable quotes from the speakers, such as Ma'am Rosejelynn Bulante's advice to scholars, 'Scholars, hindi dapat tayo madamot mag share ng ideas na mayroon tayo, because we all have the same goal, to help the country succeed.' These words hold great meaning for me and will be my guiding principles for the year 2024," Yokingco added.


Moreover, a member of Viscan Eruditos, Fatima Rose P. Polinar, highlighted the importance of becoming an engaged citizen by transcending our individual differences and driving forward towards becoming the engaged citizens we ought to be.


"Within this dynamic exchange, we delved into meaningful yet fun-filled conversations pertaining to our collective commitment to serve our educational institutions and communities. This experience served as a beacon of hope that I, too, can contribute meaningfully to our country," Polinar added as her lasting impression of the event. 


The following Viscans also bagged awards during the Socials Night:


  • Region 8, Scholars Got Talent

  • John Paul A. Lloren, Best Dressed (Male Category)

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