The yoke rests heavily behind the carabao's horns, the orange sun glaring between the gaps. Pandaguan lies motionless as Captan and Maguayen punish him with lightning bolts. A single eye, filled with fear, witnesses the unknown as it is slowly revealed from a torn painting. In contrast, a young girl plays on the beach, building the future with her hands, one sandcastle at a time.

art fair 3


These are just a few of the pieces found at the VSU TechnoMart as part of the Centennial VSU Art Fair for a Cause, titled "Arte Centenaryo: Celebrating a Century of VSU through Art." The exhibit, which opened on April 3 and runs until May 2, is presented by the VSU Alumni and Community Relations Office and the VSU Alumni Association Inc., in cooperation with the VSU Culture and Arts Center. It features works by renowned local artists. The fair showcases paintings and mixed media pieces that depict local culture and scenes within VSU. "Arte Centenaryo" reveals the mundane and the abstract, fear and hope, and the lives, laughter, and Viscan spirit captured on canvas to benefit student scholarships.

art fair 1

The fair is open to the public. At the entrance, visitors are greeted by the sight of Dicoper C. Pernites's "Yugo" and "Hinagiban ni Enting." "Yugo," which means "yoke," depicts the horns of a carabao with a yoke tied around an upside-down salakot. The salakot is painted with the colors of the sea, with thunderbolts raining across it. Between the curve of the yoke and the horns is the sun, embedded with grains of rice. "Yugo" might remind students of the carabao sculptures at the old VSU gate on the lower campus. Above all else, it is a clear symbol of agriculture. The ocean-like palette on the lower part of the sculpture evokes the quintessential Viscan experience of being nestled between the sea and the mountains.


Further showcasing the Visayan culture is Dean Ruffel R. Flandez's piece "First Kiss," a playful take on the iconic Frog Fountain, a beloved landmark on campus.  Depictions of university landscapes are also plentiful in the art fair. Elgin Cebreros' "Pathway" is sure to resonate with any student who has experienced the familiar, sometimes exhausting, daily trek across campus. A personal favorite is "Moonrise Over Visca Beach" by Dr. Jude Nonie Sales. This piece has the wonderful ability to transport viewers to a time overlooking the moonlit beach, contemplating the vastness beyond the Camotes Sea.

art fair 2

Continuing the theme of VSU history, some of Mizael B. Cerna's works, namely "VSU Old Gate" and "Centennial Sunshine," highlight the contrast between the new and the old for students and alumni. "VSU Old Gate" depicts the university's Upper Main Gate before its transformation in 2022. Meanwhile, "Centennial Sunshine" offers an aerial view of the Upper Campus, showcasing everything from the new gates to the administration building on the horizon.

art fair

"Arte Centenaryo" captures the beauty of VSU through the eyes of those who have witnessed its history. The gallery also includes several abstract, fantastical, and cartoonish works waiting for new viewers to discover them.  Prospective buyers can find a catalogue at the Art Fair's entrance where they can obtain contact information for the artists of their desired pieces. Every purchase directly benefits the alumni scholarship program. In this way, former and current students bridge the gap between generations by bonding over their shared Viscan experiences. 



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