Every society creates its own set of norms. Even sub-societies set their own behaviors which they are happy to call their own. Students in huge universities follow traditions and cultures, and they become known for it. Convo talk is for Ateneians or for Lassalites. Tibak is for UPians. Now, what is for VSU?

A degree of refinement is somehow expected among the educated. But do we, at VSU, consider such behavior as cool? Here is an exposē of some of our well-known behaviors that seem to defy set of ettiquettes.

At VSU, it makes us feel very confident to take the exam if we have memorized our notes. Usually, when we commit works to memory, we recite them loudly. So, imagine yourself in a room and all of you mumbling loudly. Good luck to your exams. Everybody needs a cool, relaxing, convenient, and conducive place to learn and not a place of bees buzzing out of your ears and bothering your head. We all have the right to focus and concentrate, everyone inside in the four corners of the room should be considered. After all, all of you are renting in your own little abode.

Expelling intestinal gas could occur at any time and in anywhere. Farting is barely done consciously. Others just let it all out leaving those behind with the stinky gas. When this unfortunately happens to you, just fart with poise. To women, don’t call it fart for it might sound unbecoming of you; call it flatulence.

You are in the middle of your sleep and somebody in the room breaks in with “head-cracking” voice. Joke on a drunk, but never on someone who just woke up. If not for etiquette, do it for respect.

Everybody knows what “ukay-ukay” is, it is an assortment of clothes and shoes sold at bargain in the market. But who says that “ukay-ukay” is only present in the marketplace? In dormitories and boarding houses, a variety of clothes are hung everywhere, blurring the line between laundry area and the kitchen. In the lobbies, clothes are in queue. Often they are left overnight by an amnestic, if not unruly occupant. The only difference between the “ukay-ukay” in the market and this is that clothes here are not sold. That is why they are usually stolen.

Usually roommates eat breakfast and dinner in pack and it’s really irritating to the ears when someone chews food with an annoying sound of crunching as goats do. It could be funny, but really, it is annoying than humorous anyone could use a slap. Good thing, etiquette tells me to resist brutality and stay reserved.

Imagine the scene: your scene is from 7am to 1pm. After your class, you rush in a blistering pace to your dorm to eat lunch. While you are enjoying your food, your roommate will suddenly barge in and talk about poop. Then everything you put into your mouth suddenly tastes and smells like poop, too. Good job, nice magic.

Everyone holds his own attitude and is sensitive in his own way. However, we have set of etiquettes to follow in the society. Doing such behavior might lead us to a misunderstanding with someone who cannot adjust in the manner that someone has. Following ettiquettes is keeping you safe away from any misunderstandings and will lead you to a more controlled and “quarrel-free” home atmosphere.

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