As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, we primarily circulate our vocabularies around “love”, “forever” and all the terms that one would find cheesy on a regular basis. While we cringe when we see a display of one’s love in public, we also ironically ingrain this belief that every person must, at some point in their life, find “the one”.

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Behind the promise of convenience, is a threat to the ecosystem that we continue to plague with our waste and horrid actions.

Living in a campus dormitory is considered by most students as a great privilege and a significant part of University life.

During disasters or emergencies, a calm and ready mind and body will help you make it through distressful times.

Food preferences vary from person to person and are rooted from the influence of our culture and environment. From the savory flavors of the sea to the eccentric tastes of food in the land markets; food is everywhere to be found yet many people are still hungry. 

You may have a lot of money today, but for tomorrow no one knows.

Just flip the view on your camera, hold it at a high angle, position your thumb on your best side, and voila! You just took a selfie.

Here is an exposē of some of our well-known behaviors that seem to defy set of ettiquettes.

You don’t want to perish due to acute nasal hemorrhage resulting to excessive external bleeding and severe blood loss. (Need a dictionary?) Nosebleed!