Food preferences vary from person to person and are rooted from the influence of our culture and environment. From the savory flavors of the sea to the eccentric tastes of food in the land markets; food is everywhere to be found yet many people are still hungry. 

A Taste of Culture 

It's the loud crunchy sound that you make when you bite into the reddish skin of lechon that makes it an occasion-worthy dish. It’s the sweet gooey texture of marshmallows that makes us fall in love with its fluffiness and taste. The blanketing touch of the pairing of champorado and bulad makes you feel warm during a rainy day. Not to mention our very own Filipino-style sweet spaghetti, which comes with a thick and creamy sauce topped with chopped hotdogs and shredded cheese. 

Food has always been the star of every occasion and our love for it is a testament of its importance to our life, especially to us Filipinos who are regarded as among the best culinary countries in the world. In fact, Filipino dishes such as siniganglumpiang shanghai, and tortang talong, had recently made headlines in international magazines for being recognized as among the best dishes in the world. This signifies that food is a valuable addition to our daily tradition and that it represents more than just a source of nourishment for the body. It can be a source of livelihood for a family; provides us happiness when we are stressed; a safe place to console ourselves, an emblem of culture, a representation of our history, and a reason to eat at the dining table with the family. 

Eradicating Hunger by 2030 as part of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); a massive undertaking.

Food is a staple commodity in every country and for the sustenance of human life. From pastries to appetizers to course meals and desserts, a single whiff or bite will truly allow you to appreciate the difference that each dish brings to the table. It's like sailing over a vast ocean of taste buds, experiencing the world's magnificent flavors firsthand. However, with the concurrent pandemic crisis, climate change issues, dwindling economic market rates, and the outbreak of war and revolutionary protests in certain countries; the challenges to global food security continue to rise. Which is why, in this year’s celebration of World Food Day, the United Nations, with partnerships from world leaders and the people, aims to continue its noble cause of feeding the world's hungry folks. It thrives to build a sustainable world where everyone, everywhere in the world has access to healthy and quality food; an undertaking that the UN had set in hopes of putting an end to hunger by 2030.

We crave for a better world where every person's basket is filled with healthy food enough to fill their belly and to feed their soul. A single cup of rice for us may be proportional to a complete course meal for someone with an empty stomach. As we celebrate this year's World Food Day, may it remind us to share and to be grateful for what we have. As you enjoy your food today, remember to GO and give back, GROW your own fruits and vegetables, and GLOW with kindness so you can serve as a beam of hope for the hungry ones.

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