Living in a campus dormitory is considered by most students as a great privilege and a significant part of University life. It enhances your learning experience through an independent life that gives you opportunities to develop social skills and a sense of responsibility. You will learn to be responsible of your own life. However, the dormitory, as it seems now, doesn’t look conducive enough for learning. Here is a bad dormitory.

Room Problem
Most on dorm occupants face the problem of poor room condition and management. Toilets, kitchen, and ventilation need major repairs and should be maintained. A clean and healthy environment should also be sustained. Dorm maintenance fee has increased from P180 in 2002 to P275 this year. The University has spent this money for major repairs and incentives for dormitory advisers. This increase in dorm maintenance fees should be used to repair damaged beds, lockers, windows, and among other things.

Water Scarcity
One of the major complaints of students staying in dormitories in the upper campus is the insufficient water supply. In most dormitories, bathrooms are communal. If there are many users at the ground floor, the water pressure cannot reach the upper floor. As early as 4:00 a.m., dorm occupants have to take a bath especially those who have 7:00 a.m. classes to avoid the hassle waiting for the water to “go up”. They, at times, attend classes without a bath. Going to school well-groomed is important for the students. Water is a basic necessity. Hence, it should be solved immediately.

Lots of Activities
Activities and events are expected in dormitories to build camaraderie. But having too much activities in a semester sometimes becomes a problem. Besides the acquaintance party, there are sweet heart dorms acquaintance party, freshmen talent showdown, team building, and sports fest, among other activities. Lots of activities mean fees to be paid for, and worse, most events are compulsory especially for freshmen. Students are fined for their absence in the events. Moreover, there is more hassle when the event happens during the midterm week. Instead of studying, students devote their time to practice with or without exams tomorrow. We are not saying that it will do more good if we reduce the number of activities in a sem. Remember, we cannot serve two masters at the same time.

Lack of Dormitories
Every school year, the VSU student population increases. The demand for school dormitories also increases each year. Out-of-town students find it very necessary to live within the campus to avoid expenses on transportation. But our dormitories and cottages are not enough to accommodate students who want to apply for on-campus residence. Consequently, rooms are overloaded with occupants. Many students were forced to take boarding houses off-campus. So students will have to walk long distances to attend their classes.

Stealing of Properties
Burglary is a major offense that penalize the offender to be kicked out of the dormitory. One’s dorm residency ends after being caught stealing. Stealing of cellphones, tablets, money, clothes, and even underwear is rampant. Because of overpopulation in the dormitory, it becomes difficult to find the culprit. To be aware of this problem, students need to be more responsible of their personal belongings. Occupants should learn to respect others and their properties.

Limited Power Outlet
Dormitory occupants are not allowed to use outlets inside their rooms. But the room outlets don’t function, anyway. They are only permitted to use the outlets in the living area where wire extensions are provided. However this is not enough to serve all occupants who want to use it. Occupants use these outlets for charging gadget batteries. Cluttered cellphones and charges are often seen in the living area. There are times when cellphone owners get the wrong cellphone because of the clutter. Because of insufficient outlets they unplug others’ cellphones to plug in their own. This led to misunderstanding among occupants.

Living in dormitories inside the campus is a great privilege. To consider the dormitory as a second home, the university should offer the best to students to help create a better place for learning. It is necessary to constantly check the condition of the dormitories, that is, if VSU really values its students.

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