1. You can never get enough of sunsets at the Camotes Sea.
  2. Malakas and Maganda have the best view in the whole campus.
  3. A hill full of Molave trees, the Molave Hill.
  4. We have our own gas station.
  5. A level one hospital
  6. VSU produces board exam topnotchers every year.
  7. Philippine deer, ostriches, boars, buffalos, horses, cows, pigs, chickens, ducks and more. The Department of Animal Science could actually create a mini zoo.
  8. Awarded as the MERALCO’s Energy Saving University.
  9. A dry and wet market within the campus.
  10. Want to lose a few pounds? Easy. Walk from your class to the next. Try having a class from the Dept. of Economics to the Dept. of Animal Science, or other distant departments.
  11. 10 hours free internet per student per semester at the IT Building.
  12. Local and internationally known scientists
  13. We have a firetruck.
  14. The only university with a complete PE facilities in Leyte.
  15. Fashion is not a necessity; T-shirt, jeans and slippers and you’re good to go.
  16. A forest at the back of the College of Forestry and Environmental Sciences
  17. Cassava chips with ice cream
  18. DYDC
  19. Milk-O gels!
  20. We have our very own fresh buffalo milk and it also has a chocolate flavour.
  21. Borg’s ‘lidgid’ are so delicious you’re going to look for Borg within the campus.
  22. The VSU President is so cute and cool.
  23. Fruits, fruits everywhere.
  24. Mount Pangasugan has been just so majestic it has TARSIERS (!) living in it.
  25. A resort inside the campus, the VSU Beach Garden Resort.
  26. The National research centers
  27. Stay at the Apartelle, Hostel, Seafront Suites and the Balay Alumni. Affordable accommodations within the campus
  28. Painting exhibits from our VSU artists
  29. Frog Fountain.
  30. Professors that treat their students, snacks and pasalubongs.
  31. Exchange students at different parts of the world and from different parts of the world.
  32. Cool cosplayers
  33. Our very own Pasalubong Center
  34. A Butterfly Sanctuary
  35. We’re unintentionally reproducing Philippine deer
  36. Very affordable food
  37. Talented and creative professors
  38. Cool and clean, drinkable water at the Frog Fountain
  39. Amazing building architectures
  40. Rappler visited VSU thrice!
  41. Our own Marine Sanctuary
  42. We offer courses that the other universities in Leyte don’t offer like BS in Development Communication, Meteorology and many others.
  43. VSU has coffee made from jackfruit.
  44. Wines made from jackfruit, sweet potato and taro.
  45. The Department of Developmental Communication is the Center of Development in Development Communication.
  46. Study under the trees at the Eco Park.
  47. We have a lot of Masteral and Doctoral degree graduates.
  48. With level 4 AACCUP Accreditation.
  49. A school with rice and corn fields.
  50. Research-oriented university.
  51. Vacuum fried jackfruits
  52. The VSU Administration Building is on top of a hill and is facing the sea, a very nice view.
  53. Beautiful and handsome teachers.
  54. Students can access their grades and class schedule at the my.vsu.edu.ph
  55. VSU’s Mr. & Ms. Intramurals where the basis is actually physical fitness, they ahd to do push-ups and the likes.
  56. A new and larger University Library.
  57. Nationally and internationally outstanding students and student leaders.
  58. Flexible dancers at the VSU Dance Troupe
  59. Amaranth is the best in Eastern Visayas.
  60. Increasing student population every year.
  61. We have 26 dormitories all inside the campus.
  62. Strict security guards (yes, that is a good thing)
  63. A viewing deck.
  64. We have a twin tower, the OBELISKS
  65. We have a huge campus.
  66. Picturesque views
  67. Greenhouses.
  68. Our own photography studio
  69. WiFi, WiFi everywhere!
  70. Produced among people like Cherrie Atilano, Rey Evangelista, Jeremy Añasco, Jihann Sta. Nina Santiago, and Ruphil Bañoc.
  71. High-tech laboratories
  72. A huge garage with a lot of for-school-use cars, vans and buses.
  73. OTHER schools tour our school.
  74. Cool slings for ID.
  75. VSU students have a very good taste in fashion.
  76. We have 4 satellites (satellite campuses)
  77. VSULHS
  78. Visca Foundation Elementary School
  79. A debate society
  80. Renewable Energy Center
  81. NO tuition fee HIKES
  82. Cool VSU website
  83. Friendly vendors
  84. Awesome singers of the VSU Chorale Ensemble
  85. Great artists from Banaag
  86. Free water
  87. Water wheel!
  88. Bio-fueled ride.
  89. Our own version of the Basilisk, the “Banakon”
  90. VSU has reached 90 years of EXCELLENCE

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