Campus Features

The Search for the Truth statue is among VSU’s most notable and distinguished features seen within the campus grounds. Situated just across the Administration building stands two huge nude figures, resting atop a gilded edifice depicting farmers tending their land. It’s a ubiquitous symbol of the Viscan identity. But what is this statue? How did it come to be? What is it trying to tell us?

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For the past 2 years with no in-person classes amid the Covid-19 pandemic and due to government-imposed restrictions on gatherings, only a limited number of people were able to witness the two subsequent lighting activities. This year, VSU makes a grand comeback with a twin celebration for the lighting ceremony and the inauguration of the newly constructed centennial gates.

Here's 90 good things about VSU that you might not want to miss.

Our University Emblem—what is it to YOU?

From its aesthetically speckled shrubs to its picturesque scenery framed by Mt. Pangasugan, VSU is known to be the home for the green and wonderful. But as a Viscan, have you ever wondered what lies beneath all of it?

Visayas State University is known as one of the prestigious institutions in the Visayas. It manifests good quality education, training and instruction that persuade students to choose Visayas State University as their alma mater, aside from that, with the use of high standard and concrete materials to good quality buildings that has unique structures and angles that were well-planned and designed by credible engineers.

“Utod! Utod! Pangasugan! Pangasugan”