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Dormers from Kanlaon-Sampaguita-Mahogany (KASAMMA), Coconut Federation and Ilang-Ilang (COFILANG), and United Lower Campus (ULC) came together to showcase their athletic and artistic prowess, celebrating their extraordinary abilities while emphasizing the strong sense of camaraderie that binds them.

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The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) took a giant leap towards modernized learning with the official launch of its first Smart Classroom on November 30, 2023. This significant event marked the culmination of DALL's English Month celebration, which carried the theme "English as a Global Language, Building Cultures, and Connecting the World."

With a variety of choices of places to eat in the bustling Visayas State University, it is with no doubt that it can be an arduous endeavor to look for the perfect spot that will satisfy your grumbling stomach. It adds more struggle when waiting in long queues amidst jam-packed cafeterias and eateries. However, tucked away from the public sight is a restaurant unlike any other that thrives under the management skills of talented and skilled BS Hospitality and Management students. 

Graphics by Chubi Soliva

Reinforced by the motivation to lend a hand, this year’s annual Visayas State University (VSU) Fun Run for a Cause took off yesterday, April 22, with the VSU Lower Oval Grounds as its starting point, spearheaded by the VSU Alumni and Community Relations Office (VSU ACRO), in partnership with the Institute of Human Kinetics (IHK).

This year’s Ginoong Malakas and Binibining Maganda pageant saw the emergence of a Gladiator and a Dragon amongst the finest beauties and brawns of the university. As these two take center stage, let us get to know them even more through their journey of becoming the newest faces of VSU. 

Graphics by Ciann Renel Cazar

Pio Paolo Fernandez from the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) and Honey Pie Tagon from the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) hailed as the newest titleholders of Mr. and Ms. VSU 2023, respectively. As surreal as it may be to become representatives of the region’s top university, the path to these coveted crowns was no walk in the park. 

Graphics by Ciann Renel Cazar

In celebration of the 99th Visayas State University (VSU) Founding Anniversary, the event continues its festivities with the Formal Opening of the Flower and Garden Show and ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday, April 20, at the VSU Lower Campus Garden.

With every new semester comes the same old predicament for both ongoing and new Viscans; ‘I don’t have a place to stay yet’. Whether you are an incoming freshman or transferee who did not apply or was not accepted to an in-campus dormitory, or you are an old student who got evicted from the dorms and/or wishes to move to a new place, you are all going to face the same obstacle. And this issue is further aggravated as the Viscan population continues to increase each year, so finding adequate accommodation for students has grown to be a more dreadful process. 

Diversity has been long known to every present and former Viscans. Each one has its own experiences, memories, and stories to tell about their VSU journey. The university had made an enormous positive impact on every alumni student that made their stay notable and yearn for its irresistible energy and engaging environment.

Graphics by Ciann Renel Cazar

The 1st Regional Agri-Aqua Technology Fair held at VSU provided a platform for 14 technologies from different SUCs to present food products and beverages, agricultural and aquatic equipment and machinery, and agri-aquatic inputs and products to share their innovative works with other SUCs and technology generators, private sectors and industries, and representatives of the LGU offices.