Visayas State University is known as one of the prestigious institutions in the Visayas. It manifests good quality education, training and instruction that persuade students to choose Visayas State University as their alma mater, aside from that, with the use of high standard and concrete materials to good quality buildings that has unique structures and angles that were well-planned and designed by credible engineers.


VSU Convention is a place where occasions and events like parties, meetings and symposium, etc. are being held. It was renovated on January 2014 and was first used last April 2014.

Infrastructures NSTP

The new renovated NSTP Office was improved with concrete tools and well-furnished walls, the landscaping enhanced as well. This is an Office for staff, advisers, and coordinators of NSTP (CWTS and ROTC).

Infrastructures DCDE

It was once called the Greenhouse Building, also serving as a classroom, and was transformed into a newly department, the Department of Community Development Education for the faculty office.

Infrastructures Guest HouseInfrastructures Pavi

Formerly called the Bamboo Guest House, designed by Engr. Alfredo Lapuebla and now called the VSU Guest House.
It was again renovated and improved last 2013, with ventilated and concrete materials. Likewise, a famous piece where students, faculty and staff have their meals is Pavilion.
It was renovated on 2013 for the purpose of widening and for accommodating bigger capacity for customers.

Infrastructures New Lib

Beside Ilang-ilang dormitory lies a new University Library. Its new location is more convenient for students, staff and faculty because it is located on a plain area in contrast with the old library located uphill which is not easily accessible.

Infrastructures New DormInfrastructures New Staff dorm

A vacant lot beside the Sampaguita dormitory was utilized for the construction of the student dormitory, in order to accommodate more students, and provide safe residential space within VSU.
Also under construction, a faculty and staff dormitory behind the VSU Market provide a second home to the faculty and staff who are living outside the 8km zone.

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