For the past 2 years with no in-person classes amid the Covid-19 pandemic and due to government-imposed restrictions on gatherings, only a limited number of people were able to witness the two subsequent lighting activities. This year, VSU makes a grand comeback with a twin celebration for the lighting ceremony and the inauguration of the newly constructed centennial gates.

A VSU Christmas Tradition

The annual #PaskoSaVSU is a university-wide tradition that has been celebrated for a decade and a half. It greets the Yuletide season through gathering Viscans, Baybayanons, and guests from nearby municipalities. In fact, VSU’s Christmas village has already become part of the city’s attraction sites.

Pasko sa VSU 2022

Viscans have longed for this celebration since 2020 and finally, with the return of in-person classes and with protocol restrictions gradually eased out, Viscans this year were able to witness one of the university’s much awaited annual events. Unlike the past opening ceremonies, this year is extra special as VSU also inaugurated its centennial gates in preparation for the university’s 100 years as one of the Philippine’s reputable educational institutions in two years time.

The activity draw a thousand of thrilled Viscans, university employees, and spectators despite the unstable weather as it highlighted the twentyish feet tall christmas tree, decked with luminous lights, exquisitely embellished newly inaugurated gates, live performance from recently revived VSU Chorale Ensemble, and sky-illuminating fireworks display. The night capped off with Viscantahan, which showcased the university's refined homegrown talents.

Essence of Christmas

So much more than the experience, aesthetic photos, and merriment with your accompanies from the lighting activity, may we be reminded that the lighting ceremony symbolizes the coming of Jesus who saved us from the overwhelming darkness of sin.

Remember the time where electricity went out for weeks because of Typhoon Oddette, and we had to search for flashlights? Think of our lives without the presence of God’s mercy. Our life may be stumbling around in darkness, unable to find the light.

Christmas as Christians believe that Jesus’ birth is the light that breaks into the darkness of our lives. May we, Viscans, become instruments to elucidate His light to other people. The spirit of Christmas isn’t having the best holiday photos nor the sumptuous food on Noche Buena. Instead, it's about building a deep connection with our families and making at least one heart smile that will remind them of God’s love this Yuletide season.

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