As the Visayas State University (VSU) celebrates its 99th anniversary, it unveils a new logo that embodies its rich history and significant gains and successes. The logo interprets VSU's mandate as a higher education institution in agriculture, science and technology, environmental protection, and allied fields. It also pays homage to one of the university's important landmarks, the twin obelisks at the campus entrance.

The VSU anniversary logo is a reminder of the university's humble beginnings as a rural agricultural school and how it has grown to become one of the country's most reputable higher education institutions on science and research. It seamlessly integrates relevant aspects of VSU's past and present, making it easily recognizable by people familiar with the institution.

The color palette used in the logo design follows the VSU brand colors, with a predominant use of green and brown, symbolizing agriculture and the skin tone of farmers. These colors evoke a sense of stability, growth, and sustainability, which are essential values that VSU espouses.

The logo also captures the festive spirit of the VSU community while keeping it minimal. After over three years since the last in-person anniversary celebration, the university is excited to welcome back its alumni, students, and faculty to the campus festivities. The logo conveys the yearning of the VSU community to be together again and celebrate this momentous occasion.

A significant amount of effort was put into designing the VSU anniversary logo. Kim Kenneth Roca, who works as a Media Production Specialist, was responsible for creating the design. Initially, he came up with numerous concepts that had to be refined to come up with a final design that will effectively capture the essence of VSU. The logo was then initially presented to the University Integrated Media Center (UIMC) team and later to VSU President Dr. Edgardo Tulin, along with other officials and vice presidents. The new logo design was well received, confirming that the logo perfectly represented VSU's mandate and accomplishments, in line with the designer's original vision.

As VSU looks forward to its centennial celebration next year, the anniversary logo serves as a reminder of its rich history, values, and commitment to excellence. The logo embodies the spirit of the VSU community, its achievements, and its aspirations for the future.

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