In celebration of the 99th Visayas State University (VSU) Founding Anniversary, the event continues its festivities with the Formal Opening of the Flower and Garden Show and ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday, April 20, at the VSU Lower Campus Garden.

Dr. Beatriz S. Belionas, Vice President for Instruction, kicks off the program with a message about ornamental growing and its potential business to exhibitors.

" [for exhibitors] I'm sure many of them are enticed into horticulture because of the Flower and Garden Show as one of the reasons, which really to them, is a potential business when they graduate."

Ormoc City Councilor Hon. Rey Evangelista highlights in his speech the importance of the event for sustainability and agricultural farming practices.

"The Flower and Garden Show showcases the diversity and beauty of Leyte's Agricultural Landscape while also highlighting the importance of responsible and sustainable farming practices [by ornamental growing and horticulture]," he stated.

Spearheaded with the Department of Horticulture head, Prof. Rosario A. Salas congratulates the exhibitors and encourages the community to take a look at the diverse and vibrant colors in the garden, as well as attend training for hydroponics this upcoming April 25 as part of their two-week-long annual exhibition.

The program concluded with Prof. Salas and Hon. Evangelista leading the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

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