Diversity has been long known to every present and former Viscans. Each one has its own experiences, memories, and stories to tell about their VSU journey. The university had made an enormous positive impact on every alumni student that made their stay notable and yearn for its irresistible energy and engaging environment.

This 99th founding anniversary of Visayas State University (VSU), we celebrate by calling alumni students to share and reminisce their best yet experiences during their stay in the university. Here’s what some alumni Viscans had recalled:

Mr. Erwin Moring, a Bachelor of Animal Science graduate of 1996, looked back on his Viscan journey through nature and a characteristic of a true Viscan.

“What I miss the most about VSU is the campus itself. It is a school of nature with a wholesome environment – fresh air coming from the sea breeze and the refreshing ambiance from the giant trees all around the campus. Being a Viscan means to be a person full of patience, perseverance, and a fighter – kasi mahirap kaya mag maintain ng 3.0 na grade sa VSU.”

Ms. Cristlyn Bacariza, a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering graduate of 2020, shared her Viscan life - from dormitory experiences to treasured memories.

“Dormitory life was like a second home for me; meeting new friends and learning from them. Moreover, there are so many experiences and memories that I treasure way back- the hectic schedules plus the long distant rooms, wherein you have to run a mile just to arrive at your next class, the non-academic activities, and having a terror instructor. Truly, I miss everything about the life of a Viscan.”

Ms. Althea Grace Mosende, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduate of 2022, reminisces on VSU’s serene atmosphere, her 2019 VSU anniversary experience, and of how the institution brings out the best in every Viscan.

“I miss the beautiful scenery, especially the VSU beach. I love seeing the waves crash along the shore. It just brings me peace after a long day at school. The best part of being a Viscan is our tenacity. No matter the obstacle, Viscans always strive for excellence. This aspect is what makes VSU stand out among others.”

Ms. Mosende also recollects her unforgettable VSU anniversary back in 2019, when her college made an ambulance-themed booth at the oval in the lower campus and had all sorts of nursing-related displays.

“It was a really great experience for me. Sadly, we never got to experience it again because of COVID-19.”

Mr. Van Jason Arradaza, also a Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduate of 2022, speaks the best part on being a Viscan and what it means to be a Viscan alumnus.

“Being a Viscan alumnus, all I can say is that we are not merely graduates from a certain degree. We are graduates of a highly prestigious university that molded us to become globally competitive individuals equipped with quality knowledge, skills, values, and attitude. The best part about being a Viscan is being a Viscan per se. You'll know once you become one.”

Moreover, Mr. Arradaza shared his expectations on VSU’s centennial anniversary next year.

“I'm expecting that the activities will be made in such a way that students will have a memorable time that will become bank of treasures that is yet to be told in the future.”

As VSU celebrates its 99th foundation anniversary, we look back on its 99 years of transformative service – molding excellence and crafting ambitions among thousands of viscans. For nine decades, the institution has grown from being a rural agricultural school to becoming one of the country’s most prominent higher education institutions on agriculture, science, and research. Alongside its growth as an institution, a big Viscan family has also been formed.

As a Viscan, you get the best of both worlds; a topnotch academic training from one of the country’s finest, and an unforgettable memory of friendship, learning, and tantamount progress. Truly, the best college experience is the Viscan college experience.

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