With a variety of choices of places to eat in the bustling Visayas State University, it is with no doubt that it can be an arduous endeavor to look for the perfect spot that will satisfy your grumbling stomach. It adds more struggle when waiting in long queues amidst jam-packed cafeterias and eateries. However, tucked away from the public sight is a restaurant unlike any other that thrives under the management skills of talented and skilled BS Hospitality and Management students. 

Introducing the DTHM resto, an eatery that mainly offers Filipino dishes, located in the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management building that recently opened its doors to the public for the first time after the pandemic. With an alluring view of the verdant surrounding and the atmosphere brimming with enthusiasm as you are greeted by servers ready to take your orders, it is undoubtedly the perfect place to satisfy that craving. 

Every aspect of the restaurant, from the menu design to the attentive service and rotating menus, reflects the students' commitment to excellence. According to Ms. Chelyn Estillore, who currently oversees the handling and operating processes in the resto, this experience will allow the students to do the hands-on application of their learnings in Catering Management and in handling Food and Beverage services. 

“This will enable them to learn and practice handling food and beverage operations…to conduct themselves, serve guests, to observe proper hygiene in handling food, and learn techniques in how a system works in their industry practice, especially during peak hours.” She further added.

In addition to preparing and serving delicious dishes, the students are responsible for managing the restaurant's finances, including the payment of utilities such as their electricity and water bill, which further harnesses their minds in the arena of business and pushes them to employ strategies to make the business successful. 

Meanwhile, Wendelyn Batiquin, the current operating manager and a BSHM Junior, considers the DTHM Resto as a platform for them to learn how to operate their own business and prepare for future customer service roles. She also emphasized the importance of feedback from customers as it helps them improve their skills and become stewards of their craft.

Notably, their most popular dishes are the siomai rice and the sweet lumpia, a recipe created by Wendelyn herself. The restaurant is open from 8 AM to 3 PM, serving affordable yet high-quality main courses, snacks, and beverages for breakfast and lunch. Dine-in and take-out options are both available.

Viscans, what are you waiting for? Come and satisfy your hunger at the DTHM Resto!

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