NAVAL, Biliran — Visayas State University students showed off in the 2016 Regional Culture and Arts Competition of the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) at Naval, Biliran on November 10, Thursday.

Angela de Verya Diaz and Jores Jay Truya, Bachelor of Secondary Education students, won 2nd place in the Vocal Duet competition. A team of five Development Communication seniors—Mark Michael Unlu-cay, Ria Micate, Joy Romero Salve, Perlyn Fernandez, and Anfra Cajano—also won 2nd place in the Radio Drama category.

Biotechnology student and violinist Ma. Frances Nieve C. Ceniza landed third in the Instrumental Solo competition, while Agricultural Engineering senior Jucel Mari Guatlo also won in the Essay Writing contest.

Four of the winners—Guatlo, Micate, Fernandez, and Salve—are members of the Amaranth. Meanwhile, Unlu-cay is currently VSU's student regent.

Naval State University hosted this year’s PASUC Regional Culture and Arts Competition 2016. The competition, with 10 SUCs in attendance, aims to choose the best students to represent the region at the PASUC National Culture and Arts Competition to be held in Vigan, Ilocos Norte on November 28.

In 2017, Visayas State University will be hosting the PASUC Regional Culture and Arts Competition.

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