NAVAL, Biliran- VSU Python’s basketball player Joedel Barcus injured his left shoulder during Basketball Men’s first game against SLSU King Fishers, Monday, December 9 at the BiPSU Gymnasium.

Midway of the third quarter, Barcus hurt his shoulder trying to nab the ball when he stumbled on a Kingfisher’s foot and lost his balance.
“Kadtong mitapal siya unya murag nasabod iyang paa unya pagtapad niya, wa ka balance iyang lawas mao to ang shoulder ang natukwayan,’ says Jonil Torrejos, Barcus’s teammate.”

[When he blocked the opponent and was hit in his leg, he lost his balance. So, his shoulder was hit first.]
Rescue Unit of Biliran quickly responded and brought Barcus to the Biliran Province Hospital.

In an interview with Dr. Elwin Jay V. Yu, chief of VSU Hospital he stated that Barcus is stable now but he also advised the player not to play his future games yet.
Barcus is a fourth year BS in Animal Science student who has a history of a left shoulder injury from one of his rodeo games.

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