NAVAL, Biliran — Leyte Normal University’s (LNU) Mr. Jhon Raymond C. Orejola and University of Eastern Philippines’ (UEP) Ms. Sheila Las Marias bagged the Mr. and Ms. SCUAA 2016 titles during the pageant night held at Naval State University on October 25, 2016, Monday.

They emerged victorious from a throng of 20 male and female candidates from 10 schools vying for the crown.

This wasn't the first time, however, that a Las Marias won in this regional search. In 2013, Sheila's brother Shawn Michael won as Mr. SCUAA.

Mr. Paul Leonard A. Balame of host school Naval State University (NSU) and Ms. Venisse Charm C. Costibolo of Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU) trailed closely by as 1st runners up, while Mr. Leonel L. Cuyo of Samar State University (SSU) and Ms. Northlen T. Serilles of Palompon Institute of Technology (PIT) completed the royal court as 2nd runners up.

Special and Minor Awards

  • Mr. Goldilocks - Mr. LNU (Mr. SCUAA)
    Ms. Goldilocks - Ms. EVSU (1st Runner Up)
  • Internet Choice Award - Mr. UEP and Ms. UEP (Ms. SCUAA)
  • Mr. Photogenic - Mr. UEP
    Ms. Photogenic - Ms. EVSU (1st Runner Up)
  • Best in Production Number - Mr. LNU (Mr. SCUAA) & Ms. PIT (2nd Runner Up)
  • Best in Sportswear - Mr. LNU (Mr. SCUAA) & Mr. PIT (2nd Runner Up)
  • Best in Swimwear - Mr. SSU (2nd Runner Up) & Ms. EVSU (1st Runner Up)

As Mr. & Ms. SCUAA 2016, Orejola and Las Marias will represent Eastern Visayas in the upcoming national SCUAA pageant, which will happen in the next few months.

...and finally, a vlog filed by Angenette Jugan


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