BAYBAY City, Leyte — Engr. Ramon R. Barbosa, VSU agricultural engineering alumnus and now the Regional Manager of Philippine Coconut Authority CARAGA Region XIII, inspired the honors and awardees during his convocation speech in the 2017 Honors and Awards Convocation.

Engr. Barbosa was invited to speak to around 500 students in the said awards ceremony held at the VSU gymnatorium last May 2. In his speech, he shared his college experiences and how he managed to finish his studies despite financial struggles.

During his college days, Engr. Barbosa was labeled as “the working student” of VSU, then Visayas State College of Agriculture (ViSCA), because he worked as a student assistant in the Plant Protection Department for five years.

As a working student, he only earned 100 pesos per month. Receiving too little, Engr. Barbosa decided to join the advanced ROTC because he want to treat himself good food even in tactical inspections only.

Reminiscing his experiences, the engineer didn’t forget to mention his gratitude to the people who helped him become what he is today. With that, he reminded the students to be always generous and sensitive to the needs of the people around them.

“Every now and then, you must also share your blessings especially to those students who really have nothing,” said Barbosa in mixed English and Cebuano.

Engr. Ramon Barbosa graduated on time and immediately passed the board exam for agricultural engineers at first try.

“I am proud to say that I passed the board exam even without formal review, I didn’t even have the money to pay for the books. Still, I worked so hard and did my best.”

The PCA regional manager congratulated all the honors and awardees and their parents. However, he didn’t forget to remind them to strive harder and be prepared for the battles they will encounter outside VSU.

“What you achieved today is just a prelude. The true battle in life is still waiting for you somewhere down the road.”

He also emphasized that hard work is always the most important ingredient to success.

“The common denominator to success is always tiyaga ug kakugi (determination and hardwork). No matter how intelligent you are—as what the saying goes—it’s always the final score that counts.”

Engr. Barbosa offered a specially warm handshake—and a few thousand peso bills—to this year’s Endeavor Awardee, Elven C. Ebero.

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