BAYBAY CITY, Leyte ̶ VSU-IHS’s Jet Wesley Manggay and Growling Manticore’s Reina Lynn Feb A. Namia emerged victorious as the newest titleholders for the Ginoong Malakas and Binibining Maganda 2022 pageant held October 18, Tuesday at the VSU Gymnasium. 

Manggay and Namia bested eight paired candidates from the five competing factions in a series of scored exposures including production number, swimwear, sportswear, and formal wear.

Namia stressed in her final answer that global mobility can assure student-athletes to not just practice sportsmanship but also cultural competence, ultimately leading her to the crown.

"One of the nine centers for the youth participation according to the national youth commission of the Philippine Youth Development Plan, global mobility ensures that there is a cross-border exchange among students. I believe that if our student-athletes will be engaged in global mobility such as if we engage them in student exchange programs, if we will let them have the opportunity to go abroad and be one of the students abroad, then we will be able to teach them cultural competence, cultural humility because I believe in that way we are not just honing our student-athletes to be strong, to be courageous, to be sportsmanship but we are also teaching them to be globally competent in terms of cultural humility and cultural competence," Namia said.

Meanwhile, Manggay expressed the importance of maintaining physical activity, giving one of the most compelling responses of the night.

"I believe that having a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and a healthy mind is one of the most important tool that you can have as a student. And, I encourage my community here in Visca to participate in sports. And when you participate in sports, make sure to share strength, camaraderie, sportsmanship, and teamwork," said Manggay.

Soaring Phoenix's Raniell John Mercado along with Nika Mae Rimandiman of Growling Manticore were hailed as first-runners up while Kyle Matthew De Dios and Erika Mae Oliveros of the Mystical Sphinx rounded up the winner’s circle as second-runners up.


The event also presented minor and major awards:


Mr. Congeniality – Candidate #6 Rey Jay Sablan (Mystical Sphinx)

Ms. Congeniality – Candidate #7 Rio Anne Ronato (Soaring Phoenix)

Mr. Photogenic – Candidate #6 Rey Jay Sablan (Mystical Sphinx)

Ms. Photogenic – Candidate #3 Ruela Corpuz (Gallant Griffins)

Lord Warrior – Candidate #7 Raniell John Mercado (Soaring Phoenix)

Lady Warrior – Candidate #5 Erika Mae Oliveros (Mystical Sphinx)



Best in Production Number 

Male - Candidate #9 Jet Wesly Manggay (VSU-IHS)

Female - Candidate #7 Rio Anne Ronato (Soaring Phoenix)

Best in Swimwear 

Male - Candidate #5 Kyle Matthew De Dios (Mystical Sphinx)

Female - Candidate #3 Ruela Corpuz (Gallant Griffins)

Best in Sportswear 

Male - Candidate #9 Jet Wesly Manggay (VSU-IHS)

Female - Candidate #8 Nika Mae Rimandiman (Growling Manticore)

Best in Formal Wear 

Male - Candidate #9 Jet Wesly Manggay (VSU-IHS)

Female - Candidate #3 Ruela Corpuz (Gallant Griffins)


The grand winners will receive a cash prize of ₱ 5,000, courtesy of Baybay city councilor Hon. Mark Michael Unlu-cay and ₱100,000 worth of derma services from the pageant's main sponsor, Get-It Beauty Derma Clinic and Infinity Aesthetic Center. 

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