Nearing the institution's milestone in serving the Viscan community for a century, the Visayas State University (VSU) officially inaugurates the new centennial gates and kicks off the annual Christmas lighting ceremony on Monday, November 28 at the VSU Lower Main Gate.

The blessing and inauguration of the centennial gates, led by the VSU president, Dr. Edgardo E. Tulin, accompanied by Baybay City Mayor Hon. Jose Carlos L. Cari is part of the university’s commemoration of its 100th founding anniversary in 2024.

“As we turn 100 years in less than two years, we see this edifice as the newest icon that will shape the future narrative of our beloved Visayas State University,” Dr. Tulin said in his welcome speech.

Dr. Tulin also addressed in his welcome remarks the big contribution of the engineers, architects, and development workers following the successful construction of the infrastructure.

"I would like to thank our engineers, our architects, and the people behind the creation and construction of our centennial gates."

Along with the design of the centennial gates, Dr. Tulin also lent his appreciation to the landscape courtesy of Mr. Prof. Roden D. Troyo, Head of the Office for Grounds and Landscape Maintenance and his team of development workers.

In addition, as the yuletide season is only around the corner, the celebration also highlighted the annual Christmas lighting ceremony which started with a blast as the fireworks display filled the skies with colors on the upper and lower gates of the campus.

Students who witnessed the event gave insights about the entirety of the celebration. Dave Pales, a first-year veterinary medicine student, shared his experience from the event.

"My memorable parts of the event are the VSU choral performance and the fireworks display. It was my first time to experience and be involved in this kind of activity and it was a very enjoyable one."

Dr. Tulin spent time with students by taking pictures with them before the Viscantahan started.

The night of celebration ended with the live-jamming sessions from the student artists of the university in 'Viscantahan' which showcased the talents of Viscans in music. The acoustic performances made the crowd rumble as cheers filled the entire place.

After it made its comeback at the Christmas lighting ceremony as part of the #PaskoSaVSU, Viscantahan will be held weekly featuring Viscan talents in singing different music genres and original song compositions.


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