Eighteen student leaders and campus advisers of Visayas State University joined the 26th Annual National Convention for Student Leaders and the 42nd Annual National Convention of Campus Advisers on March 8 to 11 at Teacher's Camp, Baguio City.
Mrs. Christie Cyrene T. Tauy, Head of the Student Development Services Office, eagerly expressed how the convention taught the student leaders and campus advisers valuable lessons, insights, and relevant ideas that can be applied to their respective campuses and communities.
"The convention was a gathering of campus advisers and student leaders across schools from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The gathering was about connecting and networking with other student leaders and campus advisers, honing leadership skills, talents, and potentials for them to become effective agents of global transformation," said Mrs. Tauy.
Meanwhile, Princess Rey Ann Lene E. Romo, Student Regent of VSU and the Chairperson of the Philippine Association for Campus Student Leaders–Visayas emphasized how the event allowed the participants to know more about themselves and their purpose, finding and anchor themselves in the principal of adversity resilience, and unlocking new perspectives and approaches not just in leadership but in handling and putting the welfare of the students.
"I would love to see more students and student leaders experience it — to see more Viscans unlock their leadership potential. We'll share what we learned there with our fellow student leaders and with the student body," Romo added.
Dominic Piolo Cardines, CME-SSC president, stressed how the lessons they have learned from the PACSA and PACSL national convention can help them effectively lead their respective college councils at the university.
"The well-being of the leaders will ultimately affect the well-being of the student bodies that they handle. The topics discussed heavily focused on the essential soft skills of leaders when facing adversity and empowering other leaders. So focusing more on reflection and self-application is the best way for me to effectively lead my college’s studentry," Cardines concluded.

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