The Viscan community is in for an enjoyable treat as the VSU market and lower campus grounds launch the various food stalls and souvenir shops as a welcoming event for the start of the highly anticipated 99th VSU Anniversary.

With its opening, the VSU community now has access to a vibrant and get-at-able food stalls destination that is set to become one of the hubs for food services on the lower campus as it offers diverse options to satisfy cravings for students and customers. 

"It's good to see that VSU is getting back to its former self after about three years of hibernation. Midterm is also approaching, and this stall is one way to satisfy the needs of the tummy to fill out the stress this midterm causes. A blessing in disguise ra pud ni maingon para namo nga mga estudyante kay sa kastressfull sa exam, nay ing ani nga higayon. It's a great place to grab snacks and catch up with friends and also convenient since it is near man sa Beach Garden," according to Kenn, a senior at VSU. 

Food stalls dominated the area with several dishes served, such as shawarma, pizza, Japanese cake, and Takoyaki, among others dishes as well as drinks like shakes and iced coffee from various famous stores extending their food services to Viscans.

According to Karyll Joy Cagampang, a senior nursing student, food stalls in VSU Market are such a great idea and an outlet for all Viscans to experience varied food choices, from snacks to heavy meals aside from the usual banana cue.

“So far, my go-to food choices are for the drink, Don Macchiato’s iced coffee for its guilt-free price and creamy coffee, and the snacks, cheesy corn kernels that no one can argue,” Karyll added.

Souvenirs and furniture shops also came into sight for guests and alumni to visit. These souvenir shops feature accessories, including necklaces, bracelets, shirts, and state-of-the-art home furniture that are pleasing to the senses.

Viscans can maximize these stalls for the whole duration of the anniversary celebration and may be extended for a week or two.

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