After a three-year hiatus because of the pandemic, the Visayas State University continues its search for the next Mister and Miss VSU with a Preliminary Showcase at the Convention Center, Lower Campus yesterday, April 22.

This is the first night of the competition ahead of its Coronation Night on April 25, showcasing sixteen (16) candidates from colleges and satellite campuses of Visayas State University (VSU). A swimsuit competetition and a Question and Answer portion were featured.

The preliminary competition was officially critiqued by a set of high-caliber judges: Ms. Josefina Granad-Gutierrez, a public servant who also promotes Baybay’s Culture and Arts scene; Ms. Flora Mae Angtud-Galenzoga, a former beauty queen, supporter for women’s rights, teacher, and holder of multiple master’s degrees; and Dr. Stephanie Pantino-Cari, a dentist, artist and advocate for oral health.

What makes this year’s pageant different from the previous editions of Mr. and Ms. VSU is the additional screening of the contestants through the preliminary rounds.

“...We have a landmark presentation— the preliminary selection which we didn’t have in 2019 as I have heard and also the talent presentation at the same time.” says Prof. Jude Nonie Sales, the overall production director for Mr. and Miss VSU 2023.

Confidence and competence were evidently seen from the candidates as they vied for the crown of Mr. and Ms. VSU 2023. “The quality and attributes of the candidates for this year are varied, so both ends of the [spectrum], but all of them are equally talented and skilled and they have their own unique beauty and of course, they have their own level of wittiness and intelligence and I think the only determinant of whether who will be crowned as Mr. and Miss VSU 2023 is the result of the coronation and final round of April 25,” uttered Prof. Sales.

In the swimwear competition, the competitors flaunted their well-built and sculpted physiques. On the other hand, their intelligence was tested under intense pressure as they expressed their perceptions, sentiments, and thoughts about topics ranging from tourism, gender inclusivity, pageant height requirement, the relevance of degree to community development, and disadvantages of being a role model for the Question and Answer portion.

Their performance last night will determine their standing for the final selection of contenders at the coronation night. Meanwhile, the brilliance and flair of the candidates will be screened next during the Talent Competition on Monday, April 24, 2023, at 1 p.m. at the VSU Research Development Extension Hall, Upper Campus, to see if they have what it takes to be the next Mr. and Ms. VSU.

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