As this year’s Intramurals come to an end, one faction waves its banners on high as it sees through its battles through thick and thin, gathering trophy after trophy before emerging with the final victory during the closing ceremony of the SALINGKUSOG 2023, held at the Visayas State University (VSU) Gymnatorium, September 22.

Discipline and perseverance; one VITA campus toppled the medal haul

The Cyber Warriors, representing the VSU Isabel Campus, garnered a whopping 84 medals, crushed their opponents in a true show of strength shared by their comrades in arms, ending the winning streak of the Growling Guardians of CAFS x CoN and kicking them out of the top three entirely.

Trailing behind the Cyber Warriors, the Valiant Gladiators garnered a total of 71 medals, no small feat by itself with significant successes in multiple events, most notable of which is winning the crown for Ginoong Malakas.

Running for third place are the Greyhounds, yet another faction from the component campuses representing VSU Tolosa, garnering a total of 57 medals.

No foes but a family, afterall

As the intramural games come to a close, Viscans cheer for one last time in celebration of both the victors of the games, and of their own little successes in the face of their own challenges. 

Through torrential rains, disqualifications, and the perils of their own games, Viscans have displayed through the success of the Intramurals the true spirit of Salingkusog - that of cultivating their strength and discipline through good sportsmanship and camaraderie.

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