As this year’s Regional State Colleges and Universities Athletics Association (SCUAA-8) games come to an end, Visayas State University, one of the 11 competing State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) resurfaced and instilled triumphant strength, gathering trophy after trophy, emerging to the top as the final victor during the closing ceremony of the 37th Regional SCUAA games yesterday, October 27, at the Visayas State University (VSU) Gymnatorium


Towards Shared Victory; SUCs weaved together in unison for a medal finish


The ever-premier Pythons of VSU as this year's host, garnered a whopping 192 medals, crushing other SUCs in a true show of strength shared by their comrades in arms on its home ground, reclaiming the overall championship spot in the region's biggest collegiate sporting tilt in the best way possible.


Trailing behind is the familiar foe of VSU Pythons, the Eagles of Eastern Visayas State University  (EVSU) soared on its feet as they garnered a total of 136 medals, no small feat by itself with significant successes in multiple events, most notable of which is the individual highest point winner in women's athletics special awardee, Shaira Mae Arenzado who bagged three golden medals in 1,000 m, 3,000 m, and 8,000 m run.


The University of the Eastern Philippines (UEP)' Bulls heaved to seize the third spot with just four shy away from the EVSU Eagles tallying 47 gold medals whilst producing a total of 120 on its name.


In the true spirit of Hinabing Kusog; more than foes and barriers


Later in the ceremony, VSU Vice President of Student Affairs and Services Dr. Aleli A. Villocino gave words and a closing message by recognizing the invaluable participation of all respective SUCs while also highlighting the athletes' sacrifices competing as one.


"Together for the last five days, we have experienced strong emotions; you all have shared the joy of victory, being moved by tears, greatness, and disappointments. At least you have made us very proud and you are worthy as role models [while] reminding us again that people from different backgrounds can compete in a spirit of respect, friendship, and fair play," graced by Dr. Villocino.


Furthermore, Dr. Villocino also looked forward to the next season of the regional collegiate games.


"May we take home that spirit within us and continue weaving strength among 11 state universities and colleges, it doesn't stop in the 37th Regional SCUAA games and even to the 38th Regional SCUAA games in Calbayog," Dr. Villocino added.


Just as this year's event closes, delegates made a resounding applause to all participating SUCs in the region – acknowledging them marching in unison towards the successful staging of 37th Regional SCUAA games. In the same manner, they welcomed a new chapter as the event witnessed the passing of the SCUAA-8 banner and torch to Northwest Samar State University (NWSSU) taking hosting responsibility next year.


Through downpour rain, heart-wrenching upsets, and the perils of their own games, athletes have displayed through the success of the SCUAA-8 the true spirit of Hinabing Kusog—that of weaving their strength and camaraderie despite differences and barriers.

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