You are off and running quickly because you're already late for your class, and the long quiz was scheduled that day. Suddenly the guard stops you mid-run. “Asa man imo ID?” Then you remember that you left it back home.
Perhaps you had encountered that kind of scenario because of the strict implementation of the NO ID, NO ENTRY policy. If you always wear your ID in coming to school then you've got no problem entering the upper campus. But we all have a tendency to forget sometimes.
We have heard a lot of reactions and complaints from our fellow students. So we decided to ask the people in charge of this policy's implementation.

We interviewed Engr. Celso Gumaod, Head of the VSU Security Office to clarify things about this policy.

When did you implement the NO ID, NO ENTRY Policy and how did you disseminate it?

The policy already existed even before I worked here. It is included in your student handbook. This policy is strictly implemented and emphasized in the administration office whenever an admin personnel or a student enters there. But given the number of gates we have and the manpower, the implementation of the policy is not that strict in other areas of the campus. We inform students to wear their IDs during their freshmen orientation.

What's the main reason of imposing this policy?

We decided to impose strictly the No ID, No entry policy because of the successive incidences of theft inside the campus in July last year.

How can students help in reducing these incidences of theft?

Students can be a great help in reducing these incidents because they will serve as our eye inside the school. If students have problems regarding this issue, I am willing to entertain them here in the security office.

Why is it that some of the students can get inside the school premises even without wearing an ID? Is there favouritism from the security personnel?

I don't really think so. Maybe it is because there is only one officer manning the main gate sometimes. So, there is a possibility that students are not being attended to since there are two gates. But if the guard sees you, you must be checked.

How can you handle 8,000 students under that policy?

Honestly, we find it hard to manage all of you because we are only 36 in the Security Office and our coverage is 61 hectares. The 36 officers are divided into three shifts: from 7-3PM, 3-11PM, and 11-7AM. There are three filler personnel that would stay if others have day offs. But we have chosen the guards who are really sincere in checking and assigned them to permanent posts, while the others were assigned to roam around the campus. We are really trying our best to manage our responsibility by creating some strategies that can help ensure security within the campus.

How about the outsiders?

For Tourists & Visitors
For guests with vehicles, their driver's license will be inspected and they will be given a visitor's pass in exchange of their license. While you're inside the vicinity of the school you should bring it all the time. Some visitors would attend a certain seminar or workshop in the campus, they will be checked too. In case we are not informed of a certain event in the campus, we would contact their office or go directly to the venue of the activity for confirmation. We also lead visitors to where they would go if ever they are not yet familiar with our campus because it's part of our responsibility to guide them.

For Job Order Personnel's
We get their appointments and we ask for the list of the names of the workers and their working sites. So if ever there are job order personnel who come inside the school, we ask them their names and where their working site is and check their names from the Office of General Services to validate if they are really working in VSU.

How about those riding a motorcycle and multicabs?

Last year, in the 2nd semester, we have implemented that the officer-in-charge should inspect on every multicab coming inside the school. But with the number of people coming inside the school, the officer-in-charge is having a difficult time. Thus, we have assigned two civilian officers to roam around the school for inspection. The same goes for motorcycles.

What can you say to the students and to the VSU community regarding this policy?

Help us, because this is also for their safety. The strict implementation is not just for the students but for those who pretend to be students who take advantage of the vastness of the campus when they socialize with you. If possible, no outsiders are allowed but there are a lot of open areas here in the campus. Thus, we highly need the cooperation from the students and the community. Although sometimes we are the ones who are not abiding the rules, let's just always think of being responsible for our own safety.

So there, we've heard the side of our security guards straight from their head, Engr. Gumaod.

Our University considers the student Identification Card (ID) as an important factor in the campus security system. It is also our only identity as students in VSU, because not all courses have uniforms to wear. Is putting it on too much to ask? Tell us by sending your opinions at Amaranth's official Facebook page, or at Amaranth’s VSU official email address, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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