Pasko na’t Tayo’y Magsaya!


 The Christmas Tree has been lit and Viscans gathered around the warmth of lights and fireworks display at the university’s Centennial Gate as the Visayas State University welcomes the celebration of the Christmas season. The annual celebration is one of the well-sought convocations of every Viscans - ending the year and a reminder of the nearby hard-earned rest from the long haul of this school year, along with your newly-found friends, and loved ones.


At around 6 PM, December 4, the University revels in the 8-layered, well-spirited Christmas tree, and other figurines - vividly shining the Yuletide presence on every heart of Viscans. The Christmas decoration was also unveiled on various buildings on both upper and lower campuses. Followed by an amazing firework display adding sparkle and glow to the displayed lighting.


Alongside the Christmas decorations are the colorful Parols displayed along the pathway of the Upper Campus crafted by different colleges and university bureaus as part of the annual competition with the Christmas lighting. These parols were created with sustainable materials from recycled crafts - truly encompassing the university’s vision of sustainability and environmental conservation 


Dr. Daniel Leslie S. Tan, VSU’s current Officer-in-Charge, also delivered a message of inspiration to every Viscan attending the event. He stressed that this Christmas season is a time to reflect on what’s happening around us, especially with the recent bombing of Mindanao State University in Marawi City and the current genocide happening in Palestine. He emphasized how we, as Viscans, should promote peace to become bearers of a better future.


“Pray for our war-torn brethren and let’s all aspire for a better future not just for us but for the whole world. This is what Christmas is about and I hope that all of us will live by the example of Jesus Christ who endured everything to save all of humanity”, Dr. Tan added.


The event also featured performances from talented performers from the VSU Choral Ensemble and bands with the live jamming session and mini-concert of the Viscantahan’s Christmas Special Edition. Even with the slight showers of rain, this doesn't hinder the experience and joy brought by the event to every Viscan.


Truly, Pasko sa VSU is one for the books. A reminder to us all to believe, feel, and share the magic of the Christmas season. 


Merry Christmas, Viscans!

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