Honorable Dexter Relevo, VSU student regent, has three specific requests for Dr. Edgardo Tulin.

Relevo represented the VSU studentry during the Investiture of the sixth VSU president, on January 27.

Upon congratulating Dr. Tulin, Relevo immediately proceeded to business with a short but a straightforward speech.

Relevo hopes for Dr. Tulin to address the following concerns during his term:

1. Lack of Facilities
“The studentry of Visayas State University is a growing community and in order to address the part where students will be able to learn freely without the hindrance of overcrowding, is to construct additional laboratory buildings and classrooms.”

2. Higher educational Quality
“We highly suggest that our Curriculum must be revisited, additional laboratory equipment is needed, and programs to develop the faculty and staff must be implemented. They are the backbone of this institution and their works serves as fuel that keeps this institution moving forward every day.”

3. Student’s presence in the International community
“In order to achieve globally competitive graduates, we believe that the students should have more chances of espousing themselves to the international community.

Sending students abroad to attend trainings and seminars will be one way of showing our presence to the international community. More partner schools and companies for international on-the-job training must be achieved by this university where every student from the VSU system will be capable to apply. In that way, aside from strengthening the international presence of the students, we are also developing the capability of our students in the branch campuses in obtaining their marks on the international scene.”

Assuring Dr. Tulin that he had the support of the studentry, Relevo had one final reminder: “Remember that VSU is not only an institution where we work, study, or live, but VSU is our HOME. So let’s help one another to create a better home for everyone.” -Dexter Relevo

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