Viscans jammed to a series of musical performances as the VSU Baybay University Student Supreme Council (USSC) proudly presented a post-Valentine’s concert aptly titled "FLAMES," instilling a spirit of celebration and inclusivity last February 16, at the VSU Gymnatorium. 

The Cebuana singer, Jacky Chang, and the dynamic Boholano band, Jam403 headlined the concert, delivering a balance of dance performances and soulful tunes. Chang opened her act with a sultry execution of “Bayhana'' and "Vega,” accompanied by a riveting dance number. Her succeeding songs were mellow yet impactful, performing “Naa Nasad Ta Ani," "Duyog,” and her Bisaya hit song “Pero Atik Ra.”

As of February 2024, Chang had amassed an impressive following of over 88,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. She is also the first Sinulog Idol Grand Winner and is hailed as the “Maoy Diva of Cebu.”

Sharing the stage with Chang was the Boholano band Jam403, which showcased a unique blend of musical styles. They offered fresh interpretations of popular hits from Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars” and "Yellow,” Harry Styles’s “Watermelon Sugar,"  and LANY’s “ILYSB.” Sam Biliran, the main vocalist of Friday Cleaners, surprised the audience when he got up on stage and sang “Pasilyo” with the band. Their singer and pianist, Brandon Kail, serenaded the hearts of Viscans with their original song, “Caroline.”

A diverse lineup of local artists and bands shared the stage for the headlining acts. These included: The Opyongs, Be the Bida Band, Karylla, The Madoka, Dulce Danielle, and Amadeus. From pop to rock to belted melodies, each artist brought their own distinct style and flair to the concert, adding to the heat of musical performances that ran throughout the event that lasted until 11 p.m.

In an interview with AMARANTH, Hon. Ryan C. Ilaida, the newly ascended USSC president, revealed the trials and triumphs encountered in orchestrating the general assembly and the post-Valentine’s concert within a single week. Despite the daunting task, the council navigated through bureaucratic hurdles, ensuring the seamless execution of their responsibilities.

“With regards to the VSU Centennial, this is just part of the starting point, which is grander than this post-Valentine's concert. I hope that the Viscan community will be in touch with this because of the VSU Centennial concert celebration; it will be grander, featuring big band artists on a national level,” Ilaida added.

First-time attendee Jessriel S. Pagangpang, a BS Secondary Education Major in Social Studies student, shared his excitement and hopes for an enjoyable evening filled with relatable music and vibrant performances. 

“I have many expectations for tonight since this is my first time attending this kind of event because I am from Limasawa Island. My expectations will be that I will enjoy it during the event, and the songs they will perform will also be relatable to the event,” said Pagangpang.

In contrast, Marc Einjel A. Mercado, studying BS Nursing, approached the event with a different perspective, seeking personal fulfillment and excitement rather than traditional notions of romance.

“It's definitely not romantic, more like excitement for the happenings of life. I am not coming here for romance purposes, but rather for self-pleasure,” said Mercado.

With a touch of humor, Janelee N. Tan, a student from BS Economics, joked about attending the event for "maoy-maoy" purposes, adding a lighthearted tone to the anticipation as she chose “Pero Atik Ra” as her favorite song by Jacky Chang. 

Pang maoy ra man ni siya, ‘Pero Atik ra’. Wala ko gi atik pero ganahan rako mag maoy-maoy tonight,” said Tan.

Meanwhile, Joshua A. Sosmeña, who studies BS Computer Science, despite battling fatigue, eagerly anticipated the opportunity to unwind and enjoy the festivities, highlighting the event as a welcome reprieve amidst a hectic schedule.

“I am actually very tired right now. I have no sleep, but I am looking forward to this event to have fun and just give time to myself and go out,” said Sosmeña.

The post-Valentine’s concert is one of the prepared events for the Viscan student body as part of the 100-day countdown to the VSU Centennial.

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