Following the “peeping” incident in the female dormitory,Thursday, the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Services (OVPSAS) and the Security Office urged Viscans to directly report such incidents for them to conduct immediate actions.

In an interview with AMARANTH, Julius V. Abela, Head of University Disaster Risk Reduction & Management, Safety and Security Office (UDRRMSSO), emphasized the importance of reporting to their office incidents involving the security and safety of Viscans.


“Follow the protocol on reporting. Pwede nila i-follow-up ang situation so they can proceed with blotter,” Abela said.


The UDRRMSSO says that the protocol for reporting should be followed. If the students are “afraid” to do the reporting, they can report these first to their advisers. Hotlines and emergency numbers are already posted in the in-campus dormitories. After filing the report, a blotter documentation shall be made and the cascading steps in investigation and resolution of the incident will follow. Abela said that all these have been discussed during the student onboarding at the start of every school year.


When asked about what happens after the blotter report, Abela said that they can now take action. Further, he stated that Viscans can put their trust in their office in handling these cases.


“Salig ra sila sa amo, kay dili man sila unsaon gyud,” Abela asserted.


Abela revealed that there are limitations in their function as an office. He emphasized that the extensive land area of the main campus relative to the number of the employed security officers is just one of the many factors. Currently, they have a total of 58 security officers, 54 of which are deployed in the field. There are 15 to 16 officers on duty per 8-hour shift. They have identified 14 strategic security locations. The number of roving officers on foot patrol consists of only one on the upper campus and one on the lower campus. Further, Abela also shared with AMARANTH, that their office has already requested 360 CCTVs and additional manpower since last year but has not received any item so far. With this, Abela reiterated the need for cooperation from the Viscans. 


“Tabangay lang gud ta, dili pwede na kami lang gyud tanan. Dako na tabang ang reports sa mga estudyante,” he added.


Dr. Aleli A. Villocino, Vice President for Student Affairs and Services, said that there are already initial measures underway. She requested the Security Office to heighten the security and release a security alert or an advisory in order to emphasize the urgency of the situation and as a preparation for the influx of spectators and stakeholders in the upcoming centennial anniversary. 


“As of now, I suggested… curfew hours, wala na untay mga strangers na mo sulod sa campus, ni suggest ko na the security office through OP will release a security alert,” VP Aleli said.


She added that they are already in coordination with Engr. Mario Valenzona from the Physical Plant Office. Valenzona, upon visit to the concerned areas, suggested installing additional street lights and assessing the fences.


“Dugangan ug street lights tanan na area para mahayag pud siya. And then, we will check the fence there, in between Waling[-waling], Calachuchi, Sunflower, Cattleya, Everlasting. So we will check the fencing in that area if wala jud siya maguba kay nganung kasulod man jud,” said Aleli. 


The university administration, through the OVPSAS, said that actual plans are yet to be realized as the investigation and the assessment of the situation are still underway.


Jeremy Caintic, Security Office Assistant Supervisor, reminds students to be cautious of their belongings, especially gadgets should not be left unattended because it attracts people with motives. He further asked for cooperation from students and other stakeholders.


“Hangyo lang namo sa students ang cooperation. Dako na tabang ang cooperation,” said Caintic. 


Abela supported Caintic’s statement and added that these cases require prompt reporting and encouraged the students to “demand” to make a blotter report.


“Ayaw mog kabalaka kay di man na namo i-divulge ilang mga identity,” said Caintic.


Chona Brit, Dean of Students, gave her reminders to Viscans concerning the incident and the upcoming anniversary. 


“Karun kay upcoming man ang 100th anniversary, so there will also be outsiders sa mga activities, so do something kung unsa ang atong macontrol. Just like sa atong advisers, ako sila giremind to strictly implement the curfew hours. Sa occupants, especially siguro sa mga females,  kung mahimo, kung mulakaw sila gabii, especially kung naa mga activities naa jud buddies. Naa jud sila kuyog. And then i-save jud nila ang hotline numbers. Kay mu-respond man jud sila [security office].”


As of this writing,  the Dean of Students confirmed that the adviser of the Everlasting dormitory has already forwarded an incident report to the Office of the President. The said adviser refused to give further statements to AMARANTH. 


One of the occupants of the concerned female dormitories, who requested anonymity, said that immediate response from the university is paramount.


“Unta the higher ups should take immediate action to take this issue and dili mang victim blame kay we didn't choose na mahitabo ni namo sa amo dorm,” said the occupant. 


Another student said that improved security measures will prevent these incidents from happening.


Aron dili na siya mahitabo pag usab, e-improve nila ang security labi na kay gabie kay nakamotor man daw tong nangbuso so sa gate jod to siya ningsod or nakasod (kung dili sija viscan) and next time dili ra kay igo ra sila mulibot aning dorm, nanormalize nalang ng kada naay mahitabo nga ingani sa mga dorm nga dili matarong og aksyon,” she said.


Further, Abela reiterated their office’s motto, “Your safety is our priority”, and urged Viscans to contact them through these hotlines: 



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