Today marks the 38th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution. But all of a sudden, for this year, it is just another Sunday. 


Based on the Proclamation No. 368 signed last October 2023, the EDSA People Power Anniversary was not signed as a commemorative public holiday unlike how the previous administrations maintained the said practice. The same thing can be said when in 2023, President Bongbong Marcos moved the holiday from a Saturday to a Friday, resulting in a supposed long weekend and conveniently changing the holiday's date from February 25 to 24. This year, his administration fully dismissed it as such since it is situated on a Sunday citing that, "there is a minimal socioeconomic impact in declaring such a day as a special non-working holiday since it coincides with the rest day for most workers/laborers."


Albeit there is no law that requires its commemoration to be approved by the Office of the President (OP) as a special non-working or a national holiday, this stint seems to be rooted in some antagonistic narcissism that entails the administration's tarnished namesake.


It's intrinsic knowledge that the Marcoses despise February 25. "Toppling a dictator" and "leaving the Malacañang palace" become context clues to the reminders of the legacy they have stamped as the most controversial political dynasty in the country. If they had the power to do so, they could easily erase the exact moment that their family fell from grace— it's the least we can expect from a clan that tirelessly works to shrug off the injustices and corruption that transpired during their dictator-patriarch's 20-year martial law rule.


Unfortunately, this is what is happening now.


With this blatant effort of historical revisionism, one cannot certainly fathom the extent as to how President Bongbong Marcos is willing to wash the dirt off their surname in the eyes of the public with their so-called "Bagong Pilipinas” campaign. From revising “Diktadurang Marcos” to “Diktadura” in elementary academic texts, and being permitted the burial of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. at the Libingan ng mga Bayani by PBBM’s predecessor, comes the obvious disregard to the EDSA People Power Revolution. These notions are just some of the subtle ways to ignore pivotal moments in our nation’s democracy that are being distorted right in front of our faces. In hindsight, we shouldn't be shocked—this is just another paper trail of the Marcoses lacking the guts to hold accountability for the Filipinos.


With all the intentional long-weekends and extended holiday seasons, it wouldn't hurt for the administration to at least recognize its existence and declare its withstanding pathos even if it was slated on a weekend. The point of this writing is neither to reflect upon the dubious decision of not getting another Friday for a regular rest day, but it is the fact that we as Filipinos cannot just have February 25 as a lazy Sunday.


Take the people who rallied and stormed the streets of EDSA for example, who did not choose to rest until their freedom was attained. From February 20-25 of 1986, civilian bundles enjoined with military and religious groups to march the long stretch of the Epifanio de los Santos Avenue as a form of civil disobedience, in opposition to the ruler’s dictatorship. While the Marcoses cowardly fled amid the turmoil of their own fascism on February 25, over two million civilians led a peaceful resistance to restore our peace and democracy; the power was now back to the people.


To never forget is a responsibility we owe to the country we’ve fought against a regime that has tested the strength and morality of the Filipinos. As another Marcos sits at the top of our political chamber, the fight for our freedom continues today, as we endure the crippling repetition of their political jest that only God could bless us for now.


Taking this commemoration away from the people is like rubbing salt to a wound that never healed properly. Let us recognize this day as the marker of owning our freedom. We owe this to the victims, the survivors, and the founders that fought and poured prayer and persistence to be freed from the vicious tyranny of Marcos Sr. We owe it to ourselves to #NeverAgain be the subject of a ruler’s totalitarian fever dream, and to believe that our freedom is worth fighting for no matter what the circumstance is. 


This is and will always be the story of the free Filipino people—it is never yours to touch. 

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