With all the intentional long-weekends and extended holiday seasons, it wouldn't hurt for the administration to at least recognize its existence and declare its withstanding pathos even if it was slated on a weekend. The point of this writing is neither to reflect upon the dubious decision of not getting another Friday for a regular rest day, but it is the fact that we as Filipinos cannot just have February 25 as a lazy Sunday.

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Cartoon by Reyvin Besonia

There are two types of people in this world: those who want to make a difference and those who only choose to see these differences unfold. This divide greatly exemplifies how we view certain social roles as something partial rather than infinite. After all, progression and regression exist to define whether we proceed to do better things or stick with the same ideals that we live by, and the only thing that makes these two possibilities are the dynamics upheld by power. One way of exercising this newfound power is through leadership.

This is the reality of our country’s current transport schema: the call for modernization has come at the cost of affecting the lives of Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) drivers and operators— investing in a shiny future with new and futuristic automobiles over job-stricken Filipinos wondering how to afford the bare minimum cost of living.

It is by being watchful that we notice the things that have remained steady amidst the swift run of the years.

Cartoon by Carl Gio Compendio

‘In shades of brown and black’; this perfectly describes the coastal waters of Oriental Mindoro as the MT Princess Empress sunken ship continues to spread 900,000 gallons of industrial oil to the said area. It is currently affecting 32000 families with millions worth of damages in the Mimaropa region, and if its containment will not be hastened with the utmost efficiency- it may permanently stain not just the marine ecosystem of the said area, but also the livelihoods of the families depending on it.

PRESS FREEDOM. Amaranth answers backlash after openly supporting online news outlet, Rappler. Graphics by Raymud Pastoril

This is not just about Rappler. It’s also about us.

College graduation—the light at the end of the tunnel. But is it really the “light” at the end or yet another door leading towards a longer and darker tunnel ahead?